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I want to run just the java class in Android Studio....

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Nieve1, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Nieve1

    Nieve1 Lurker
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    I've run the whole app and got a successful completion but I didn't get message and demand to enter input - using the Scanner utility. Why is that happening ?
    Also I'd like to run the java class and not rebuild the app all over again.
    I installed the Android Studio just last week - July 2020 - and I'm running it in my desktop 64-bit Windows 10.
    Previously I tested my Java using the Windows command line - JDK 8 - "javac myapp.java" and then "java myapp", I run close to 100 cases. Then I placedmy code into Studio.
    HELP !

  2. mb4mobile

    mb4mobile Lurker

    As the name suggests, Android studio is used to prepare Android applications. The class itself does not exist in isolation from the android application.

    There is no sense in using the Scaner class to read from input.

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