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I want to start all over. What's the best way?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cfh09, Jun 4, 2010.

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    've had my Incredible for a little over a month. I've been playing around with it and loading all kinds of apps. Been reading through the forums to see how others have set up their screens and what apps they highly recommend. It's come t the point that I don't know what was on the phone originally and what I've loaded. I would like to just clean the slate, so to speak. Would that be a factory reset? I'll loose my aps, but that's OK. I'm not planning on installing as many this time. Have a few other questions. Can I have one widget for email rather than a separate one for gmail and one for hotmai? I hate that 2 spaces are taken up with mail.

    Also, can you have a diferent home picture or will all frames need to be the same? I love the widgets on some of the screens you've posted. Will ADW.Launcher give me a choice of nice widgets?

    I want to do this right this time. last time was a learning experience. Is the factory reset be the right way to go?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Steven58


    That's a good question. I had the chance to have a reset forced upon me. I loaded in an anti-virus program (totally unneeded) and it messed up my operating system drastically. It disabled my off button on the top. Luckily, the VZW tech had encountered the problem before on a customer's Eris. I reset and it fixed the issue. That taught me to:

    1) Be more careful of what software I put on my Incredible as it is open platform and there is nothing stopping someone from putting a poorly written program in the App Market.
    2) Check comments first before I install.
    3) Be careful and more minimalistic in what programs I choose.

    So, yeah, I reset, getting the original factory specs back, and I was taught a lesson, in the process, one that you seem to be learning as well.



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