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I want to stop my notification ringer from going off while on a voice call.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by doneve141, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. doneve141

    doneve141 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have had an Android HTC phone for a year. My wife got the Epic on opening day for it. She is always on her phone and has complained to me that if she recieves a text while on a voice call the ring for the sms takes over the voice call and she has to wait for the ring to end before she can continue with her call. I have discovered that mine does the same. Does anyone know how to get the the messaging ringer to silence while on a voice call. I can't simply turn off the ringer. She uses voice and text to communicate at work as she is an assistant manager.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

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  2. theRF

    theRF Lurker

    I have a problem like this too (that is why I joined this forum)

    I was on a call and while talking that annoying voice popped on saying Ringer at 80%

    What the heck is the purpose of that when I am on a call?

    if I can't stop this I will take this back and rudely tell them what to do with it ...

    Also have a compatibility issue with phone created video being transferred to my gamer laptop
  3. altimuh

    altimuh Newbie

    I had the same gripe about the phone!

    Ditch the stock messaging app, and download "Handcent" from the market...

    After installing:
    1)open up the stock messaging app. Go to settings and uncheck "notifications"
    2)open handcent. Go to settings - notification settings - scroll down to "notification on call" - uncheck sound and vibrate on call.
    3) if you want to ditch the stock message app in the dock, then you'll need to install another Launcher (ie LaunchPro, Zeam, ADW Launcher)
  4. altimuh

    altimuh Newbie

    ...you're welcome
  5. capitoldog

    capitoldog Newbie

    I have an Epic as well and don't mind the notification going off, because (as with most phones) I can read and answer texts while I am on a call. But when it goes off, I just pull the phone away from my ear and pull down the notification slider so you don't have to listen to the ringer in its entirety.

    *This is if you want to keep using the stock text.*

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