I want to Theme but How?

Ok, before you guys get on me on this title, please know I am entirely new to the Droid world and understand there is so many topics that usually don't match what I'm looking for.
Ok, with that said, I do themes for the iphone and ipod touch and I just got into the droid. I would like to create a theme for the android but don't know where to start. I thought by rooting my Eris I would be able to have access to the UI but I just don't know how. I used to create the whole UI, icons, wallpaper, apps UI as well on the iphone. Since I knew the size of the Nav bars, icons and etc, etc...

I rooted my Eris as I said but have no clue on what else I can do. Is there a link or thread that have the measurements or how to create you own icon and install them on the phone?


There might be some iphone Roms out there already, but as for writing your own, I am clueless in that department. I just reap the fruits of the WONDERFUL developers out there :D


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Go to xda and check out the eris themes and apps section. Also check into metamorph, on xda also.

I would give you a link, but I posted this from my phone.