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I was really looking forward to this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kenio8185, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. kenio8185

    kenio8185 Member
    Thread Starter

    However, motorola just doesn't seem like a company I wanna support. I think I might take my money to the LG Optimus 2x. I mean, I know the software they have is VERY buggy, but at least I can flash it and throw on a custom rom, so it the software part doesn't bother me much with them.

    Unlike Motorola which blocks features from us that should be included in the phone and locks the bootloader so we are forced to deal with it. ******* motorola (not sure if we're allowed to swear on this site).

    Seriously, their company used to have some merit, but they're going down the crapper.

    I was REALLY looking forward to this phone to, but dammit, Motorola just doesn't deserve the money.

    With that being said, I do live in Canada and the 2x won't be coming for a while, so I'll get this phone, and if rooting doesn't solve the problems by the time the 2x gets here, then I'll sell it on craigslist for like $400 and buy the 2x with that money (obviously throwing some of my own money as well).


  2. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Android Enthusiast

    so far I haven`t found anything buggy everything is smooth and fast :D I love it:D
  3. kenio8185

    kenio8185 Member
    Thread Starter

    Which is nice and all, but I was also looking forward to mirroring (actually one of the bigger reasons why I bought this phone was for mirroring) and it seems that motorola was intent on not letting us do it.

    Hopefully someone can figure out a way through it though, if they do, I'll keep this phone.

    Not getting the laptop dock though, that thing is garbage. I'd rather get a cheap netbook and have something that doesn't require the phone to be used.
  4. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Yea the mirroring thing has me a lil pissed. I could deal with the bootloader. But locking mirroring...

    If ppl wanna be up in arms about something with Moto, forget the bootloader, it should be them locking HDMI mirroring on the Atrix. While its listed as a feature of the Bionic.
  5. Boomer Dog16

    Boomer Dog16 Newbie

    Agreed, Kenio8185 Ill be taking a atrix for a 30 day ride tomorow, but i'm also looking for the complete mirroring a better than run of the mill camera, the gyroscope, an the many different tapping laydown gestures the Optimus 2x does.
    Never know the Atrix may grow on me !
  6. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

    Seriously dude, we all knew the bootloader was looked for a while now so this should come as no surprise to anyone. Why even make a thread like this, waste of space.
  7. kenio8185

    kenio8185 Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm not saying I was surprised, it's just all the little things that's getting to me. Bootloader being locked, fine, but locking out features? Missing bits of hardware that should be there (eg: as someone said above, a gyroscope), having a sub par camera.

    It's just getting to be too much.

    I'm hoping that when I do get the phone, I'll like it more, and that someone figures out how to do mirroring, and maybe change the software so the camera looks better (unlikely, but possible).
  8. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

    Don't really care about a Gyroscope and the camera is just fine, you're not looking to replace your Cannon Rebel with this. Just wait till you get the phone and don't let people sway your judgement.

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