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I was sold.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ohmannuel, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    After a ton of back and forth I went with the fierce. I'm nervous about rooting b/c of the lack of roms, recovery, etc. So far I've had the phone one day and I do have one rather major problem. Whenever I click software update it says ""error happens. Last error is AUTHENTICATION." Anyone know what that's about?

  2. TechSys

    TechSys Member

    I believe that is a T-mobile thing. IIRC these phone came over from T-mobile to use on MetroPCS. There are a couple of things that aren't quite working, like the wi-fi calling (e911 error) and the update error you're getting.

    Not sure if it is going to be fixed or not.
  3. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Android Enthusiast

    Has nothing to do with any of that. It just means there is no update. Wifi calling works just fine you just need to go into your my metro account to update you e911 address to get rid of that. It wants a 911 address just in case you use wifi calling to call 911.
  4. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks not sure it matters now for me as I rooted my phone. Don't I have to manually update now? I took out a few apps that I knew were safe to remove but I really wish there was a list for this phone.
  5. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Android Enthusiast

    If its rooted and stock apps removed odds are it wouldnt take an ota update. Be careful what you remove and play around with as there is no recovery for this phone and removing the wrong stuff or playing around with the wrong things could cause a brick. Dont expect much development for this phone either as it does have a locked bootloader.
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  6. ohmannuel

    ohmannuel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Tim, I have been removing a few apps here and there but I'm nervous to keep going. I really wish I could find a list of safe to remove apps for this phone. I have posted a few other places (when relevant), I hope one pops up.
  7. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Android Enthusiast

    I wouldnt touch anything system oriented. Anything metro should be fine. Except maybe my metro. I know removing the sprint id and sprint zone apps on sprint phones can cause a soft brick. Anything setup related to dont touch itll brick your phone. Id stay away from any kind of build prop tweaks or changing the screen dpi also. It will cause a brick most likely. An easier method is to freeze apps because you can always unfreeze them if you notice anything. Also a hard reset will automatically unfreeze any apps u have frozen so it will stop any bricking.

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