Oct 3, 2010
I was using aDOSBox and was unable to get Windows 3.11 to setup correctly...I'll post a video if you guys's easier to have the video explain it better than I could.
I've only heard of it running Windows 3.0. Not saying 3.11 won't work, but it *may* not.

What a bizarre thread anyway...
I havn't tried on my ally yet, but on my Slide it works alright. Its really hard to use the mouse tho...or at least i still havnt figured out how to get it to not stay clicked using the touch screen.

Anyways, I installed windows in dosbox on my computer and then moved the files to my sdcard, then added the mounting and c:\autoexec.bat lines to dosbox.conf, and everything just worked after i typed "win".

I made some other modifications to adosbox.conf that seemed to help with stability. Changing the core to simple and cputype to 486 seemed to make things crash less.

Here is a picture: Windows 3.11 on Android. | EvilGold's tumblr
I'm sorry, I've been wondering this for a few days now and I just can't help but ask...

Why??? Why would you WANT to run Windows 3.x on your Ally. It's like putting a Yugo engine in a Ferari or something. You can't even claim it's for the coolness factor because Windows 3.x was not that cool!

I'm just sayin' !!!