I wiped my Cache Partition


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I wiped my cache partition (by holding x and power while booting, the pressing Vol up and the camera button to bring up the menu), and according to ATK, my phone went from ~70mb free to 107mb (with only the same programs open).

Does anyone know what all is cached, since the phone seems to remember anything.

I have been thinking about wiping the device, b/c I've installed and uninstalled lots of apps. Now that I have a good idea of the apps I want to keep (and a long weekend), I think it's a good time to wipe the phone.


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from my understanding, Linux caches memory, basically getting it ready to be used. so it looks like it's being used even though it's not. it's in stand-by mode, so to speak. this is the reasoning for not using a task killer (at least from my understanding), because by caching memory the OS is actually speeding up the process of accessing that memory to be used for something.

someone please correct me if I'm wrong, don't know a whole lot about Linux


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I had read lots of arguments against using ATK, and I almost deleted it. But one night, I was using an Ultimate Texas Hold'em timer on my phone and the phone kept opening all kinds of apps and slowing way down. I could barely unlock it. I couldn't reboot the phone, so I ran ATK every so often and each time my phone would go back to running like normal for a while.

The problem may have been the app I was using, but ATK made a very noticeable improvement instantly.


i used the texas holdem timer and it messed my phone up too. i ended up deleting the app as soon as i could. it was super slow with the app but now its back to normal