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Support I wiped my phone and my sd card, so why do application folders still exist??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stupified, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Aug 27, 2012
    I booted into recovery, did a factory reset/wipe, i did it 3 times, and also wiped the cache partition 3 times and I formatted my sd card in my computer 3 times. And then I put the sim and sd card back in the phone and booted up, set my settings for my phone but never turned on data and never set up a google account yet.

    So why..in the world.. is there still folders on my phone from the applications which I had installed before I did the wipe? I can't understand it. It has to be on the phone USB storage right? Because I'm sure it wouldn't survive on the sd card if I formatted in my computer. So why didnt the USB storage delete the files and folders when I did the factory wipe? And how do you wipe that?


  2. Simply, Galaxy Pocket has owned 2 storage, which one called internal SD-Card storage (size: 2GB) and other one called internal phone storage (1GB). internal SD-Card storage separated from internal phone storage. If you do wipe cache or factory reset, it just reset your phone and revert all files just in internal memory (in this case, your phones restore to its original settings including delete all files in internal storage).

    So, if you want clear all files from your phone (both internal SD-Card storage and internal phone storage), you can choose factory reset. After that, format your internal SD-Card storage using Root File Explorer.

    Good luck

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