I Wish the End of Bloatware


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I understand that every Android Manufacturer wants their phone to stand out from rest. And I am sure that is why they install their custom skins like Motorola Blur.

But let me ask you this. Why can't I just get the basic stock vanilla Android with MOTOBLUR skin as an App?

I go to the Android Market today and there is a special Verizon Category. So I ask then, why doesn't every phone come with instead of Bloatware, special Android Market Categories.

And when it comes to features in these categories, why doesn't a company like Motorola reach out to software developers and offer some Paid Apps for Free.

As an example, I would buy my new Motorola Phone, and find all these useful Apps like QuickOffice Pro. Now I know if I had gotten that HTC phone it would have cost me extra money to install that app.

Now if the whole process developed further, I could have the ability to re-flash my phone back to stock vanilla android straight from the manufacturer. Once I do that I can easily go back to the Android Market and hit the Motorola Category to download their free QuickOffice Pro and let's say maybe their own Motorola developed Facebook Widget or even Custom Skin.

The idea here is that companies like Verizon and Motorola can still put out phones that have exclusive features and offer simple use right out of the box but at the same time give power users more control over what they want.

In this scenario, Motorola and Verizon spend time developing their own Apps that they feel improve the overall usability of Android but do not force it down everyones throat.

I feel that there is an opportunity out there for a company to supply simple handsets for the customer and become the most customizable smartphone out there.

And who wouldn't want to choose a phone from Motorola because they offer the best selection of Paid Apps that I would have to pay for if I got an Android phone from any other carrier.


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Because Motoblur, Sense and Touchwiz customization go deeper than the launcher apps you see on the Market. Even if you install those, you will still find customizations made by the manufacturers. Even some of the core apps like messaging or the phone app is different.


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I believe besides Google released SDK for third party developers, they have also a 'closed SDK' primarily targeted for manufacturers and carriers to build what they feel are important or specific to their environment and yet not let third party apps to interfere with their workings.

I believe again this is request by manufactures and carriers to Google. Justification could be they want this flexibility so they can have a competitive edge over their competitors. This can explain the Motoblur, Sense, Touchwiz that are used in their promotions aggressively as different from others.

Google have to tread the fine balance of allowing flexibility to end users and yet cater to request from manufacturers and carriers. If total flexibility is allocated to end users, then manufacturers and carriers could just bail out from Android platform isn't it?

Things may change now if Google has Moto Mobility, it pose a real threat to manufacturers and carriers as they will not be held ransom by them anymore. Google can release/sell their own Android devices running on their Android OS.