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I wonder what my T-Bolt is worth

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brtnygrn, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. brtnygrn

    brtnygrn Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm not selling it.. but I possibly am in the future (for the Vigor) on Craigslist. Got it on release day. The only things that would take 'perfect condition' off the title would be that the kickstand paint is peeling, chips from my fake nails trying to get the back off on the top slit, and I JUST TODAY dropped my phone for the first time without a case on it and there's a slight chip on the bottom left corner.

    I'm really curious to know how much you guys would pay for it/how much I should ask for it, if I do decide to sell it(I'm really terrible at pricing stuff). I really don't want to give up on my bolt after waiting for it for so long- but I'm always wanting the newest technology :)

  2. brtnygrn

    brtnygrn Member
    Thread Starter

    Well everything is perfect cept some physical things...never had any reboot issues or anything
  3. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    I'm sorry to say, but the used phone market is tough nowadays. Unless your phone is in perfect condition you're not going to get a decent amount.

    With your phone as described you'll be very lucky to get $150, IMO. I've sold every Android device I've had to purchase the next so I know a few things about the market.

    The lowering of full retail prices are really what has killed the used market. My friend sold his TB 2 months after he had it, was in perfect condition and he only got $200. The fact that everyone bailed on the TB and sold it doesn't help either.

    I was planning on selling my phone to buy a Prime or Vigor, but I'm going to keep it and use it as my mp3 player. It's too good of a phone to sell for less than $300 and no one will pay that.
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  4. SeekerOfTheWay

    SeekerOfTheWay Android Enthusiast

    I was wondering the same as the OP. But I'm going to keep the Bolt as a backup and use It on wifi when I switch phones.

    Probably going back to BlackBerry.
  5. TheSultan

    TheSultan Android Expert

    you didn't mention anything about Sd cards or extended batteries, but depending on where you live, you might be able to squeeze $175 out of someone. How much would I pay is your question--the answer is, I wouldn't, I've already got one!
  6. brtnygrn

    brtnygrn Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah my bad I forgot :p it would come with the battery it came with, charger it came with, no SD card, and two cases one rubber and one hard. I think I'm gonna put it up for $150.;
  7. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Without a SD that would be a hard buy. Seeing as the TB is not expensive with a new contract now, and if someone buys from VZW they will get the 32 GB SD that comes with it which in itself is a $50 purchase. I would suggest ask $175 or $200 and be willing to come down if it doesn't sell. That way if someone asks for a break you could come down to your current price of $150. If someone buys it at $200 or $175 then you get more than your current price ;)
  8. donas

    donas Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't list it below $250, expecting to come down a little. I just sold a gen 1 moto X yesterday for $150 and it was all dinged up. I know for sure you can get more out of a TB. Just my $.02
  9. brtnygrn

    brtnygrn Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys :)
  10. nateap87

    nateap87 Android Enthusiast

  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    I buy a lot of used phones,and I personally won't pay more than the current contract price. If its old enuff to not be available on contract,its worth $50-$100.

    Once the vigor comes out there will be a lot off people selling thunderbolts.100-150 is prolly about right for a fast sale.

    People on Craigslist still trying to get $125 out of a Droid Eris make me laugh :D

    You may get a Lil more on eBay if you're willing to deal with shipping it.
  12. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    Considering I'm having trouble with this phone as it stands now, I'm going to get Verizon to try to send me yet another suitable refurb. I figure if I don't get one in decent condition after my 7th one, I'm definitely going to throw a fit. I'm not going to try get them to give me a brand new Vigor or another brand new phone, but I figure at that point I'll get them to send me a different refurb and the refurb I'm going to suggest they send me is the iPhone 4 32 GB . I figure the 32 GB phone is going for about $300 or so on Ebay, granted around that time the iPhone 5 coming out might bring the price down on the iPhone 4s, but it's been my experience that the older generation iPhones still sell for more than some of the other phones out there that are relatively new, like the Thunderbolt.

    What would ultimately be nice is if Verizon would take this problematic phone of mine and just swap me out for a new Thunderbolt, but I know that's not going to happen so I'm going to have to work within the system apparently to get this issue resolved.
  13. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    Well I just got a Thunderbolt through ebay and I paid 255 shipped. I got an extra standard battery, a nice hardcover / belt clip and original box with charger, 16gb sd card and manuals. The phone is in excellent condition (little scuff in lower right corner and the kick stand shows wear).

    The 255 was the cheapest I have seen on ebay for one in this condition.

    I upgraded from a droid incredible 1 and might be able to sell that zone ebay for 175+ with my extra battery and cover.

    So I guess it really depends on demand. This was a better choice for me right now, not having to sign a 2 year contract and shell out 300 anyways for a great phone (vigor, nexus prime). I certainly can wait now that I have this awesome phone and 4g.

  14. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    If you got the 16 GB SD card as the only card for the phone then you were slightly downgraded and considering the price, you were ripped off (the phone comes with a 32 GB card standard). I think Amazon.com was giving the phones away for free with a new 2 year contract a few months ago. I know you probably don't want to sign a new contract but even if you signed the contract and paid the early termination fee on your current line it couldn't be more than what you paid for that phone. Just food for thought.
  15. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    Well like I said, I did the comparison and I feel I got a good deal. The extra battery and a really nice protective case make it a decent deal. A lot of ebay deals with the 32gb coat $50 more, and I just got a dailysteals deal for a 32 gb card for $35 (same model on newegg was $70)

    For a phone in great condition, still a better deal. I'm also only 13 months into my contract. So 350 etf - 130 would be 220, this deal let me not extend my contract to late 2013. When my contract is up in July, I can either keep the tbolt, or consider other options.

  16. Shel

    Shel Well-Known Member

    You sure about that?

    Verizon is now selling the Thunderbolt for $249!!!

    I purchased mine, about six weeks after it came out, for $150 with new two year contract! It's actually MORE then when I bought mine (I somehow got an amazing deal when I purchased mine. The salesman rang it up, did a double take and said "Seems it's only $149..." it was being marketed at $200 though, back then. :eek:
  17. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    To the OP,

    I would check out ebay and get a feel for value. Figure out what you would include in a sale, and see of selling there would be an option.

    Craigslist is another good option too, but baseline prices on there may be a bit higher.

    Good luck if you do decide to sell it :)

  18. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    $39.99 at Wirefly

    Amazon.com for $.01

    Who told you $350? The site says that $350 is for an "Advanced Device" which means an iPad or another tablet or netbook. How you'd do it is you'd buy from Wirefly or Amazon, and use your phone as a 2nd line, and wait 2-3 months or however long those companies make you keep your plan (a 2nd line shouldn't be that expensive) and then after the 2-3 months is up, call Verizon and cancel that 2nd line, swap phones and sell your old phone. But if you're happy with your purchase, that's all that matters. I think you were railroaded though.
  19. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    Right from amazon wireless website for the 1¢ thunderbolt:

    Verizon Wireless Early Termination Fee (See details) $350 minus $10 for each full month of service.

    Smartphones fall under the advanced devices.

    And with 8 months to go, canceling would have been more expensive since I would have to sign a new contract. Plus if I canceled, wouldn't I lose my unlimited data?

    I still don't know see how I was railroaded.

  20. Bman123

    Bman123 Well-Known Member

    Phones are funny, I've seen them listed all over the place. I bought like new droid x for $120 then traded it for a thunderbolt with a 8gb as card. I've seen A condition bolts sell for $200 with the 32gb card. You'll be lucky to get $150 in my area for yours but you might get $200.
    Personally I would list it at $250 or best offer on craigslist, someone will offer $200 more then likely and thats when you sell It.
  21. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I think if you go with a 3rd party then the ETFs are different. I know Verizon's own termination fee is considerably less, but then again they don't give great deals on their phones.
  22. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    If that is the case, I will definately be checking out Amazon and Wirefly for my next contract.

    Especially them having the much better deals for smartphones than the actual verizon website.

    For now, I love the Tbolt and 4g speeds :)


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