Android Expert
Oct 14, 2009
I am one of many who left palm for android. I have lots of memos I would like to use on android. I manually transferred them all to google docs.

I have tried gdocs and gdocs notepad for my hero. g docs limits itself to 100 memos. I could not get notepad to work at all.

I would love an app that would sync with gdocs, allow us to alphabetize them, and have the ability to hide a file.

Are there any apps like that? If not, there is a market from us old palm users!
hmmm...i know i can instantly get on my gdocs from my google homepage on the droid. As long as sync to my gmail account is on I can do this. Let me know if it works! I would like the app you want as well though
If you explain how exactly the app should work, I'd write it. I don't use gdocs etc on my device so am not exactly sure what you're looking for.
I would like an app that does memos, that you can alphabetize, or place in any order you want. The app should sync with the cloud/google/google documents so we can have access anywhere. Any most importantly, reside on the phone. I want to be able to see my memos when out of internet range (ie on a plane).

If it could import my palm memos, that would be spectacular! There are thousands of former palm users that would buy this app.

I really would pay $20 for that app today. So would many others! Thanks for trying! I would be happy to beta test for you: rcyphermd@gmail.com
I also just transferred from Palm to Android and there is one I am using that was free in the Market. Its called AK Notepad. Its pretty sweet.