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i1 wifi useage

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jbjork86, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. jbjork86

    jbjork86 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This is my first droid/smart phone ever, I had a razor for a few years. I'm on the boost unlimited pre paid program and I was wondering if there was any way to go online without being on wifi, like when i'm at work or out and about. I know i can connect to a wifi spot but most spots are password protected, so is there any other way to get online without using the wifi?

  2. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Member

    You can still browse the internet on just the network its just allot slower. like a step down from dial-up.
    You cant stream most music("xiialite" streams at 24kbps but it cuts off sometimes after a couple of minutes and has to buffer)
    No video without wifi. (I have youtube vids, movies, and music saved on my sd card.)

    Just gotta find little ways around having a slower network when your on the go. the apps in the ANDROID market are very helpul. but to answer your original question yes but its utilized best when just using it to read articles and posting in forums and what not.
    Also phone comes with two browsers ANDROID webkit browser best used with wifi. and the Opera Mini 5 browser this should be your preferred browser when not on wifi connection.

    settings> applications> browsers> either choose to have it as your default or not.

    (when you dont you can still access opera from the red "O" graphic in pull up screen and ANDROID browser by clicking the "world" graphic.)
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  3. jbjork86

    jbjork86 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    awesome, thanks for the help:)
  4. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Android Enthusiast

    This is the main problem with Iden:Speed! Had den being as fast as edge more people would sign up with Boost. Also guys any cool tricks for the i1 wifi
  5. Nhty

    Nhty Newbie

    Tricks? not really Anything other than any other android. when you are on wifi i like mp3 download free version. download all your music and preview them first and its all free. doesn't really work when not on wifi.

    And i have a question to add.
    latly on my phone when i am not in wifi and i try to open the internet i get a msg cannot connect try different browser or i get check network settings. damn
  6. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Member

    @Nhty whens the last time your phone was actually turned off and on because its been awhile for me. Anyways I read your comment and tried to browse on iDEN only using Opera and it showed the same message.

    solution that worked for me
    turned phone off and back on and browser worked fine hope this helps for you.
  7. bayno

    bayno Lurker

    Hi all. I just got my first smart phone too. The i1. When I go to "market" and try to search apps it says "for best performance activate wifi to download and use apps". It then spits me back to my home page and wont even let me scroll apps. I dont have a wifi account and the local ones all require passwords. What do I do? Thanks for any help.
  8. bayno

    bayno Lurker

    Sorry guys. I guess my battery was getting low and that was the cause. Thx anyway!

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