Help I5700 problem with message contacts


hi yesterday i buy this Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica phone in Ireland it was SIM locked to 3 but i go to phone repair shop and the guy unlocked it for 25 euros. It is very nice phone but i have one problem: when i go to create new message and i start type contacts name on field "To:" i does not show any contacts and if i press button with small android picture near it should show all my contact list but it is empty and it says "no contacts with phone numbers". so i try install other messaging app like Handscent SMS or something like this and it is working fine and it shows all contacts but i want to use original sms app please help me! sorry for my mistakes and Thank you for replies


I had this with mine.

It was all down to the way my previous phone stored the contacts to sim.

I had to go into contacts and save them from sim to phone, when I did this, each number was showing as 'other' within the contact type.

Once I had done this, I had to go to my gmail account and edit the contact and change from 'Other' to 'Mobile'

Once I had done this for each contact, they appeared within the messaging section.

It's a pain in the neck but thats how I sorted it.