Help I5800 not connecting to kies anymore :(


Hi, everyone I seem to have a new sort of problem with samsung kies. :(
Firstly when I first got the phone I was able to after installing everything safely drivers and everything it connected to kies. However a few days ago I connected my phone using the mass storage option in USB settings. Then the next day I tried to reconnect to kies after putting it back into Kies mode on the device and it gets to the initialising on the device and seems to go back into mass storage mode. This is a big problem as the new froyo update will be coming soon and I dont want to miss out. Anyone any ideas how I can sort it would be appreciated. Thanks.


Mine does this sometimes :\
Try dialing *#7284# on your phone. Change the USB option to Modem, and then back to PDA again. Now try plugging in again :) I don't know why this works, but it does on my phone!
If it doesn't work first time, try it again or try it when your phone is plugged in.
Let me know how you get on! :)


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Doesnt work for me :(, i think it could be something to do with when changing the connection from kies to mass storage for the first time, as thats when things went wrong with kies, btw sos for late reply laptop broke for a while. Thanks for the advice anyway
Mine was doing this for about a month until I finally had the patience to try and sort it.

I uninstalled Kies, and downloaded the latest version. Nope, still wouldn't connect.

So (having read around), I did the following. Whilst connected, I went to device manager on the PC and deleted the USB driver for the phone. I then downloaded a fresh USB driver and installed that.

Hey presto - Kies can see my phone now!!!

Still no Froyo though :(