Help i7500 - internal sd card error

I've got a big problem with my Galaxy. Yesterday I reset phone to factory settings (wipe) and after that I formatted internal SD card from i7500's menu. Everything seemed to be OK, so I connected my phone to Windows (I wanted to transfer music). Transfer seemed to be succesful, so I plugged off the phone.
Phone was checking something with memory very long, so I rebooted it.

After that I can't get access to internal and external sd cards, they are unavailable in the phone's menu. I can't play music - there's a warning: "An error was encountered on your SD card". I can't also use options "mount" or "unmount" in phone's menu. Total space and other options in the same manu are unavailable.
When I connect i7500 with my computer, Windows recognizes it, but I have to insert disk when I try to access internal and external SD card... There's no "select to copy files..." notification on phone screen... I don't know why.

I also tried to connect with "mass storage only" box checked with no results.
USB debugging mode wasn't succesful too, because Windows asks me for drivers (standard i7500 x64 drivers don't work, I'm running Vista).

My Android version is 1.6, previous owner changed software...

What can I do to solve my problem?
Sorry for my bad English.
Greetings from Poland,