Help I9305 acting weird


Hey guys.

I usually just browse the forums and seeing other people problems, but this time I am having some serious issues with my phone, so I thought I could use your help.

I have the phone ever since May 2013 (Galaxy S3, i9305 LTE model), and it was acting well until recently.
♦ First of all, when I insert the MicroSD card that I have (64gb Sandisk extreme), the phone is heating up like crazy, but only in the lower part of it.
I tried removing and replacing the card and when the card was outside the phone was rather normal. Notice that my phone alread "killed" a previous card I had (64gb Kingston class 10, which was corrupted from nowhere) so this is not the first time I encounter a problem with the memory card.
♦ In addition to the odd problem with the card, battery is draining up really quick. I am adding a battery stat screenshot that I took. I tried to buy a brand new battery and replacing it, same thing. The phone lasts for about 3 hours roughly, and I don't even use it that heavily (3g carrier, screen brightness turned down to about 30%).
Now about that, I noticed something that's called "sdcard" which mainly takes power and battery. Odd thing is, that even when I removed the microsd card it shows that it's in use.
I am adding a second screenshot from today, now something called "Media server" that takes a lot of battery - the phone was in charge for about an hour (on usb connection), yet percentage continues to drop.

Couple of things:
- My main use with this phone is the music player. I barely use anything else such as Facebook, 9gag, Tinder etc.
- I haven't installed any new applications lately.
- Didn't notice any rogue apps that are taking any battery under running apps.
- I did notice that the phone is extremely laggy lately
- A soft reset did not help. Did it a couple of times in the last day.
- Perhaps I should note that my friend dropped my phone on its backside a couple of days ago - I don't know if that's the whole reason for this nonsense. No damage is seen, nor on the memory card itself.

I could really use your help, guys. It's been so frustrating since I don't know where the problem comes from - Is it the phone? Is that the card? Is it the phone's card reader? I really don't know... :(
I am moving around with a portable charger all the time and I hate being dependable on it.

I do apologise for the long post and will appreciate any kind of help. Thank you very much.



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