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Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean ROMS for the Inspire.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by andrews317, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hello guys.

    I'm posting here some ICS and JB ROMS for you to test on your phones:

    Blackout - Sense 3.6
    Nik Project X - Sense 4
    Sabsa Prime - Sense 4
    Virtuous Infinity - Sense 4
    Ice Sense V - Sense 4

    Paranoid Android
    Unofficial CM10 Nightlies

    There are lots of more roms, but I'm posting the most popular and stable ones. I have personal tested aospX on ICS and Jellytime on JB. As mentioned, aospX is probably the best ICS ROM for the inspire available. I am downloading Blackout at this moment for flashing and I will post my comments later. Make sure to read the instructions for each ROM as every single before flashing. Some of them need to flash a kernel, some need an Inspiremod flash cause they're made for the Desire HD.

    Also remember that this ROMS are constantly being updated, so you should check the original thread on XDA (linked) to make sure if any bugs have been fixed.

    Updated (August 27, 2012)
    Added some new ROMS. Most of them have minor bugs. This are the ones I recommend.
    - aospX
    - Blackout ICS
    - Nik Project X
    - Sabsa Prime
    - Jellytime

    You should check every link for bugs on each ROM because they are constantly being updated.

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  2. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Second day testing Blackout ICS/Sense 3.6 and its great!
    I will be keeping this one until a stable ICS/Sense4 or JB ROM come out.
  3. xxkid123

    xxkid123 Well-Known Member

    Bit late, but Blackout 3.0 is almost 100% stable. Bluetooth and wifi hotspot have some issues. Disabling bluetooth causes system lag, and disabling hotspot prevents normal wifi from turning. Reboot fixes both. This is an issue in all ROMs so far. Since I don't use hotspot or bluetooth, I personally think it's just as stable as GB and 3.5 ROMs, and plenty faster.

    NeroXL is the second most stable, followed by Virtuous alpha 3, which happens to be the only sense 4A working for our phone. The previous two are 3.6.

    NeroXL is in daily driver stage, but I think blackout has more features for now. Virtuous a3 is buggy as hell, but it's sense 4A. I would tentatively say that it's mostly in the daily driver stage, but don't expect to have everything working.

    Ice cold sandwich was a pretty good experience, although the last time I used it I was on 8.3.

    EDIT: I didn't see Nero XL in the links, so here it is.

    Also, Sabsa Prime should be as stable as blackout, and it's 4A. Right now it's only for DHD. The latest update (20 Aug 2012) might make it I4g compatible, but I haven't tested yet. Blackout is also working on a sense 4.1 ROM as well.
  4. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks man. I've completed a week now with Blackout and it's running great. I will wait for a stable Sense 4 ROM. I didn't knew about those issues with bluetooth and hotspot because I barely use them.

    I still think aospX is the best ROM out there, but I was missing Sense UI.
  5. rahulhnair

    rahulhnair Member

    Nikhil has come out with a new rom. Chk it out in XDA DHD forum
  6. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks man, I've been testing Nik Project X and It's great. I might refresh that list soon.
  7. gomzy85

    gomzy85 Lurker


    im using blackout custom on htc inpire 44

    hand free is not fully working... means i can listen the music but play, next. reverse or mic is not working any solution plzzzzzzzz
  8. aurynchild

    aurynchild Lurker

    hello, im new to roms but want to install blackout ics on my phone. can anyone help me with an install tut? thanks!
  9. budbush

    budbush Lurker

    Trickdroid 4.0.0...smoothest, easiest out there. Try it.
  10. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've been using Project X for a 2 months now and I want to change. I was thinking in Sabsa Prime, but I also saw Trickdroid there and read good comments. Is it that good?

    I will take some time this week to update the list. There's a few more cool Roms out there.
  11. nikeysunfire

    nikeysunfire Newbie

    Trickdroid 4.0.0 and SabsaPrime 8.5 seems to be the best ones out there, my opinion.
  12. gatman45

    gatman45 Lurker

    Is there a more current listings of ICS & Jellybean ROMs? Any current & stable ROMs for the Inspire would be helpful. I wish to install a good stable ICS or Jellybean ROM for daily use on a cell as a major lifeline. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  13. donalson

    donalson Newbie

    xda-developers (all of the links above link to the forums on it), goto the htc inspire 4g dev subforum and there are TONS of options...

    everything from gingerbread on up... having just rooted my phone i'm having difficulty deciding what rom I like...
  14. jjohn7293

    jjohn7293 Android Enthusiast

    Sabsa Prime v14 download link is down... Anyone have a mirror? Please lol I'm on v13 and no probs but I wanna update to the final :)
  15. kunal_buddha

    kunal_buddha Lurker

    I think in ICS series best stable rom is Blackout ICS 3.2 having android 4.0.4 version. After rooting of my device, I'm using this rom and it's really one of the stable rom. There was some issue in 3.1 but now in 3.2 all is working except wifi-hotspot.
    Last sunday I tried Jellytime 4.2 but as of now there are lot of bug . As of now I think it could not be a daily rom. Same day itself I've restored Black out ICS 3.2.
  16. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am not an Inspire user anymore. Please someone send me a private message with the updated list so I can edit it for whoever needs it.
  17. jim

    jim Lurker

    hope I didn't brick my phone, everything looked good, after installing Blackout Sense 3.6 - I hit reboot, but after 20 minutes, the phone is still locked on the HTC Screen. I'll assume this isn't going to take and I'll have to try to recover, any ideas what might have gone wrong? why it would hang at this point? Thanks! - Jim

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