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Ice cream sandwich!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dachillfx, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. dachillfx

    dachillfx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    First of all, with hopefully less than an month to go, Ive noticed not too much has been said about Thunderbolt getting this prestigious update,lately.I'm personally looking fwd to this because,my Bolt's only handycap has been it will not charge fully. Only get about 77-80% tops. I to am looking for and watching for the next Big Thing. Being that my Bolt with it"s trusty and still to this day handy kickstand, does everything i want and needs it to do, also runs Market apps pretty well. Looking fwd to ICS and the new Sense 3.6, to carry me until Oct when I will be eligible for an upgrade to hopefully the Next Big Thing. The Desire HD misfortune caused a scare but it seems we are still in contention of receiving ICS Love. Anyone else feeling the excitement? Could be like having a new device...ICS Sense 3.6. (Bloatware removing capabilities)If Biggie Red does not screw it up. I want all their apps gone. Peace Thunderbolt Fam...

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  2. roytheodd

    roytheodd Newbie

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  3. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

    There is a lot of speculation without getting the complete facts. HTC has now provided an explanation as to why the Desire HD updated could not be made (HTC explains decision to drop Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update | Android Central). As you can see, the problem has to do with the partition in the storage which is too small for ICS. The Desire HD only has 1.5 GB of storage, while the TBolt has 4 GB of storage. Hopefully the partition space is large enough for ICS on the TBolt. At least, there is more room for it than on the Desire HD. The issue is neither RAM nor CPU-related based on this explanation, so until they say the contrary, I will continue to wait for this update.
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  4. dachillfx

    dachillfx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Very good point. Thanks for sharing that bit of info. It allows me and the rest of the Thunderbolt Fam to keep hope alive. We have one month to go and hopefully we will see or start hearing positive reports that the update does indeed exist and will eventually come into existence. The Rezound seems to be on time as far as their update timetable. Let us all hope that August finally has an holiday to be celebrated, Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 3.6...
  5. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    ICS by August, huh? nice.

    Oh, and OP, I'd get a new battery if I were you.
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  6. fierygunhand

    fierygunhand Lurker

    I had that same problem. No ROM or new battery will fix it. Just take it back if you're still under warranty. FYI, when I took it back a few weeks ago they replaced it with a Rezound.
  7. Funderbolt

    Funderbolt Well-Known Member

    Amazing that 4.0 came out within 6 months of when I purchased my TB, yet it takes 10 more months to get the update. Are they planning to release major updates on the phone you buy after its hardware is obsolete? Hell of a way to run company.
  8. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    That's how it works with phone companies. They mainly try to get an update out for the newer phones first then work their way back to older phones. Almost every phone company does this.

    Honestly, I'm surprised we're even going to get ICS
  9. PDubs

    PDubs Newbie

    This is one reason why I left the iPhone: Leaving my older device in the dust as you increase performance on newer models pisses me off. Lesson learned, shame on me.
  10. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Newbie

  11. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    Nice. I may have to grab that later and give it a shot. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Newbie

    Sure thing but damn, are there like ten people on these Android Forums now? I mean if you guys really want to keep up, this isn't the place, no offense to mods whose jobs are to keep this sort of treason talk out, but you guys probably go to XDA too so.. lol
  13. ggangi

    ggangi Well-Known Member

    Im Running that rom now. Pretty sweet.
  14. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    Lol, yeah, this forum seems kind of dead. But this rom is awesome. The only issue I can find is mms isn't working
  15. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

  16. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    how long after a leak does verizon usually put out the update?
  17. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    It should push out some time in the next 10 days if they're going to go with HTCs time frame. Though technically HTC will release it soon, I don't think Verizon has to if they don't want to.
  18. dachillfx

    dachillfx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That's what's up. We almost there. Waiting for someone to youtube it before official release. Gonna do a search shortly. Anyone think or know if ICS and Sense 3.6 will be more battery friendly???
  19. Treknologist

    Treknologist Android Enthusiast

  20. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    So does the update fix the 4g issue we been having?
  21. dachillfx

    dachillfx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I remember HTC claimed Thunderbolt would never see Sense 3.0. What could be so different that we can receive 3.6? I ain't mad at em though...btw I checked the video,now let's hope it gets here quickly. My upgrade will be in Oct. So it should hold me over until then. Hopefully there will a beast of an device possessed by Big Red by then, preferably by HTC. Hopefully with a kickstand... Ya feel me?
  22. ninedragons

    ninedragons Newbie

    I've been running the stock HTC ROM for almost 24 hours now, and I can say that it's a massive improvement over 2.3. I can't compare it to the 'bolt's stock ROM since I've been rooted almost from day one, but the battery life seems to be improved, the performance is definitely improved - I was amazed at how fast Titanium Backup loaded everything from the OS compared to how long it took on GB ROMs. TwistedUmbrella has a great ROM, now that the ril is out, I'm looking forward to, and hoping that Twisted completes the ROM. I tried the 3.6 for a little while, decided it wasn't anything I haven't already seen in other ROMs with 3.5, etc. and just went back to TSF Shell (which is ~$17 but worth every penny, and a subject for a different thread).

    TL;DR It's a great upgrade, noticeably better battery life and performance - like having a new phone.
  23. dachillfx

    dachillfx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    And then there was silence...Hopefully the calm b4 the storm. A whole week of ICS talk now nothing. Better be a good storm...
  24. Pretkomel

    Pretkomel Well-Known Member

    Coming this Thursday?

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