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iCloud mail service on android's email client?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ithrowmadhamme, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. ithrowmadhamme

    Thread Starter

    is this possible? I've been putting the correct information in the manual email setup and it doesn't seem to be responding. does anyone know of anything i could do? i do need my iCloud mail on my phone for business purposes and right now it looks like all i can do is wait until iCloud is available online.

    it is possible to access your iCloud email from the Mail application on lion. just need to be able to do it on my phone also.

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  2. computerhac

    computerhac Lurker

    Any way to do this? i would like my me.com email to work on android. I've tried it automatically and also with a few different manual methods like
    server: p02-imap.mail.me.com i also tried p-08 because thats the server my mail app is using.
    Excluding and including the @me.com in my username
    using secure and non secure connections
    Im not sure what else to try here.
  3. nicoleivy

    nicoleivy Lurker

    I haven't been able to access it on my Samsung Galaxy SII. If anyone figures it out, please post.

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