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Icon change

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dupek, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. dupek

    dupek Member
    Thread Starter

    Any one know where the icons are located. I want to change the phone icon. I did resize the icon to proper format and made transparent(png). Can not figure out where the icon is located. I saw in skin, phone, and some other places, but there got to be one place for all the system icons. Thanks.
    Forgot to add that I am on stock deodexed jb rom.

  2. dupek

    dupek Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, I found out that system icons are in Setings.apk. I use 7zip to de-compress the apk. I found the phone icon, rename and replace with mine. The problem that I have - how do I compress back to .apk. I was able to zip it and then rename the zip to apk, but will not install. Do I choose the no compression while making the zip file or regular compression?.
  3. dupek

    dupek Member
    Thread Starter

    I was able to replace the phone icon. I did "put up the fight". Android file system is so complicated and not organize well. Why not just make icon folder and drop all the icons there. To replace the phone icon, I had to replace in Settings.apk, Phone.apk and com.htc.resource.apk. Pain in the butt.
    Now I got problem with finding the icon_launcher.programs icon. It is ugly and I want to replace it. I did change in Settings.apk and com.htc.resources.apk (not present in framework-htc-resources.apk). Where to hell is hiding from me?.
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  4. dupek

    dupek Member
    Thread Starter

    I did successfully replaced the icon_launcher_programs after "fighting" with the phone for a day. Then I found out that I replaced wrong icon. Back to the "drawing board". It supposed to be in skin, but I have "hard time" to locate it.
    It supposed to be in M10 and I got the Virtuous Ten Studio. Still no luck.
    If someone decided to replace the phone icon, then need to take some steps, otherwise the phone will go into FC. I replaced first in Settings.apk, Then in com.htc.resources.apk(will go into short FC, but stabilize) and then Phone.apk (will go into FC, just reboot. I did not extracted the icon, just open with 7z, copy to my folder, edited and put back. It is a challenge, but can be done.
  5. hamdawg66

    hamdawg66 Lurker

    There is a app in the play store called icon changer free that will change the icons for you. It's free and very easy.
  6. dupek

    dupek Member
    Thread Starter

    It change some app icons, but not system icons. I did try them all. I give up and change to Apex launcher. Works the way I like it. Thanks.

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