Help Icons and Apps Disappear after Reboot


Problem: My apps which were moved to the SD card disappeared after rebooting. The homescreens showed generic icons for those apps. Clicking on the icon cannot run the apps. Those apps are also gone from the 'drawer'.

I am using HTC Desire HD. Using HTC Sense as the launcher.

I have done some search in the forum and google. It seems that the launcher load list of apps and icons AFTER the reading from the SD card, causing such problem.

I read that 'refreshing' or 'reloading' the launcher will solve the problem. I tried to force STOP the HTC sense ( The launcher refreshes but the apps are still gone. (I also tried a 1kill app, but it only kill the app and refresh)

Under such state, I cannot install apps from market. And in "manage applications" i cannot clear cache of the apps.

However, if BY CHANCE the launcher happen to notify me (for wahtever reason) to either force CLOSE or wait, I click force close and, wow, all apps and icons returned!!!! They stay there until I reboot my phone again. And right now I am in an extended period not able to force close my launcher (i.e. the HTC Sense)

So I would like to seek advice on the following questions (any one of them would suffice to solve the problem I think)
1. Any way to make the Launcher read the SD Card during launch?
2. Any way to force CLOSE the HTC Sense?
3. Heard about "clearing the Level 2 RAM" would help, but i have no idea how to do it.

I wonder if many of you have such problem? Or is it because I'm having too much apps? I have around 220 installed now, and most of them are useful ones!