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Support Icons within a folder

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cavemeister, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. cavemeister

    cavemeister Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, might be a stupid question but its been doing my head in lately!
    I have created a Games folder on the homescreen of my Desire HD and yesterday when I opened the folder, all my game icons had been replaced by the "Android" icons. The game titles are still there are the games work fine but does anyone know how to restore the original icons ?


  2. tobyjuggler

    tobyjuggler Well-Known Member

    Same happens on my Desire HD too. I've given up worrying about it, to be honest.
  3. BynoUK

    BynoUK Android Enthusiast

    Does it on mine from time to time also. If you change the skin it'll solve the issue (you can then change it back to your preferred skin) :)
  4. jrytan

    jrytan Lurker


    I got my DHD 3 weeks back. Mine also does the exact same thing. I've been wanting to ask if anyone has come up with a solution. Apparently it happens whenever i reboot my phone. It doesn't only happen to folders but also on the home screens
  5. tobyjuggler

    tobyjuggler Well-Known Member

    I've found a solution to the loss of icons within folders - an app called Folder Organiser. It's not expensive and is a lot more powerful and better looking than the Android folders.
  6. nexy33

    nexy33 Newbie

    This only seems to happen to apps that you move to the sd card apps stored on the phone this does not happen to them.
  7. dragon84

    dragon84 Newbie

    man that explains a lot. thought the people i let fiddle around stuffed it. well for me this always happens right after i let some use my phone. since it's just because the application/game is moved to sd that explains a lot. thank god i didnt blacklist those pplz ;)
  8. 606david

    606david Lurker

    restore the icons [replace generic]

    this keep happening to me.
    looks like need to reboot the home or launcher program (i use launcherpro)

    >Settings>Applications>Manage applications

    at top >Running

    find your launcher & select
    -Force Stop app-


    your icons should return.
  9. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    I find on launcher Pro using Launcer widgets, it defaults back to the original icon skin after an app update, not sure if this helps at all ...

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