Root ics booting on OV!!!!!!!!!


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I know, I'm pretty jazzed. I just hope I can find a kernel that'll work with both ICS and GB, so I can play around with multiboot!


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i may be only a kid but i get where your coming from! i wonder if we can get ubuntu booting that would be SWEET


There's an app that does everything for you but the image for ubuntu is 5gb and until I get a larger card I don't have room. I'm going to see if that works for the hulu site when I get a bigger card


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okay err WINDOWS hahahahahahaha
Hey, we could run it on this!


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actually, the multirom boot manager looks like an excellent way to really boot into a Linux install without having to fight with Android for permissions and such.

i prefer debian to Ubuntu myself, seems less bloated and the current releases still support armv6 (our cpu family) while ubuntu dropped support for less than armv7 before it's current incarnations.


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I'm going to check the Slackware sight for processor support when I have more time for tinkering. I live by the motto that if you learn Ubuntu, you know Ubuntu. If you learn Debian, you know Debian. If you learn Slackware, you know Linux. But we're here to talk Android, not Linux. (Wow, that statement just sounds...wrong. :))