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ICS discussion thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by s_special, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    Do a hard reset on it....


  2. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    I keep getting a "Sprint ID is nonresponsive" error. I've force stopped the app, cleared data and disabled it (can't uninstall). I don't use the Sprint apps at all and uninstall the ones I can. But somehow it keeps finding a way to power back up and will freeze my phone while it hangs. Then I get the error and the phone goes back to normal.

    Anyone else have this issue?
  3. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    Like the PP said, you go into Settings > Applications > Swype and CLEAR DATA.

    I had a very frustrating time right after I installed my ICS update yesterday. I had no keyboards available. I'd go to a text entry field and nothing popped up. It was stuck on Voice Recognition only. A bit alarming for me. But then I did a reboot (just a soft one with a power down and on cycle), found my way to clearing the data from Swype and all works fine now. I feel for those newbie users who don't have the skills to search for answers online. They probably think they've bricked their phone.
  4. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    First of all, welcome marnie17!

    I had the same Swipe problem, and it looks like that's already answered. As for the rest, don't panic. Give the phone time to settle. Remember that this is a major upgrade and a HUGH jump in version. There's a lot of background work to do. Since it's a radical upgrade, it's a good idea to revisit all of your settings (and discover the new ones), and set or reset everything to your liking. I found lots of things changed after the upgrade, but when I put it all how I liked it, most of my problems went away.
  5. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Actually it has nothing to do with size. It's the impedance that increases current draw. You can get the exact same size 'phones from a certain manufacturer in different impedances. Ohm's law says that lower impedance makes more power (provided the amplifier is capable) and thus more volume. The problem is that the sound pressure level dissipates exponentially with distance. What that means is that earbuds that put the sound millimeters from your eardrums are WAY more efficient than full-sized headphones that have the drivers an inch or two away.

    At the high end, Etymotic makes some really high-end (meaning costly) earbuds. At the low end, my $15 and available almost everywhere Koss earbuds are hard to beat. Since the SII lacks the hi-fi audio that the first S and SIII have, you might as well save your money. FYI Koss also makes more refined earbuds, but you'll have to look for them. I found mine at Full Compass right down the street from me, and a major mail order pro A/V retailer for non-Madisonians.

    It should go without saying to practice moderation when using the volume control. Your hearing can be damaged easily, and what you lose will never come back. If you love music, love your ears too, so you can enjoy listening to music for the rest of your life.
  6. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Member

    You do realize that impedance is a directly influenced by the mass that needs to be moved in a transducer and that impedance is dynamic and a function of frequency response, right? Regardless, I am not going to argue in this forum; it's beside the point. Efficient buds contribute to longer battery life vs bigger or full-sized headphones with typically higher impedance ratings @ 1 kHz, it's an empirical fact - based on many factors. To the average person, size is a good measuring stick for all intents and purposes.

  7. s_special

    s_special Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  8. Real Streets

    Real Streets Lurker

    After reading way too much on this topic all over the nets, I finally did a hard reset on my 2 month old SII (after first backing up on Kies). I first wiped the cache and then performed a factory reset. Interestingly, I got a message upon start up like, please wait while the android update is completed. I didn't see this after I received OTA 4.0.4 and restarted, so I'm thinking that might have been an issue. After a full charge and 5 hours of moderate use, my battery is at 85%! :) I also notice a lot less "wake" without "screen" in the detailed battery stats. On a side note, I haven't resynced my gmail nor have I reinstalled my apps. I will reinstall them one by one tomorrow after I assess todays battery stats.

    I will also update this post with those and any other issues in the coming days.
  9. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    I did a hard reset before the ICS install myself, and noticed that after the reset that I suddenly had software updates that didn't show up a minute before.

    It looks to me like the practice "reboot like people vote in Chicago: early and often" is sound. Especially when making a major OS change.
  10. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Oh, BTW, welcome to the forums, Real Streets!

  11. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    the ICS update had prompt my phone to download, but the download failed, when I tapped the ( retry download ) button it will not let me, I tried rebooting the phone, and still get the same message - failed download and will not let me re download when I tap the re download button, any suggestions please?

    I want to know if there is anything I can try to have my phone let me try to download the update again?
  12. Ramenbot

    Ramenbot Lurker

    Yeah I might have to go the factory reset route. Strangely, I left my phone on overnight after charging it, and in the morning battery was at 99 percent. Then after just touching it and going to the home screen, it started dropping rapidly over the next 5 hours. No wifi or 4g the entire time.
  13. Cavemansol

    Cavemansol Android Enthusiast

    Just install it manually, look for the video on youtube. Took me 5 minutes and worked like a charm.
  14. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Member

    I agree.
    It's quick and painless.
    You get to see and interact with the low-level Android OS and the process is less prone to issues; OTA file corruption being a big one depending on the quality of your connection.
  15. godsdragon

    godsdragon Android Enthusiast

    Ok.. So, here are my three pics... It seems that the biggest juice grabbers are the screen settings and the operating system. There is no app bloats or anything on my phone that is causing the drain... I am not complainning to any of you guys... :dontknow: :alberteinstein: :frown:

    I am just sayin...

    Pictures to be uploaded soon.. wrong size... grr.. anyone have an easy way to send screen pics to yourself, then save them then post them here? I know I am probably not doing something right...:thinking::(
  16. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Please keep responses on-topic i.e. discussing ICS. Debates about the finer points of electrical engineering should be taken to The Lounge.

    Cheers, thanks!
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  17. s_special

    s_special Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  18. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    its working now thanks
  19. godsdragon

    godsdragon Android Enthusiast

    Do you think if I follow suit and reset my phone now will help with my issues? (even not having done it prior to update?
    (I noticed there are lots of files and residues left in my phone that I am afraid to delete for not knowing where they belong to or if they are useful at all...)
    Also my scrolling for contacts or anything is kind of sluggish lately.. probably called by excessive number of junk files left behind...

    I think I will reset to factory specs anyway as well, so.. thanks all for a great informative thread...
  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    A factory data reset (aka hard reset) will clear out two things in addition to user data and your installed apps - the operating system cache and the Dalvik cache.

    We typically recommend doing it on major OTA updates (or whenever your phone gets squirrelly for no apparent reason) because just like when your browser gets all wonky, clearing cache cures many ills. Caches are great, they help keep things running faster and smoother, but once they get tangled, all heck breaks loose. (I once cured my voice search launching my keyboard in Spanish just with a factory data reset - when I say squirrelly, I really mean it. :))

    And for whatever reason, the carriers/makers don't include the cache-clearing commands on their OTAs, something that many of us have complained about for several years here. Experienced rooters know to clear those caches as a matter of course when installing rom changes, but it's a open secret kept from the non-root community. It's also the first thing that Sprint will do when you take a phone in with bug complaints - and now you know why.

    Best practices -

    Begin by ensuring that your contacts and calendar events are sync'd on the Google web so you don't lose anything. You can make just a user-installed-app backup with EStrongs File Explorer, but if you don't mind spending a few bucks and saving a lot of time and grief, use MyBackup Pro to save your apps and most of your data. I would especially recommend MyBackup Pro in the event that you've moved apps to your sd card. Try SMS Backup + or similar to save SMS messages you care about.

    Once ready, do the reset and if this version of your firmward has a place there to also erase or format your sd card, skip that - there's nothing on your sd card needing erasing. If in doubt about this whole process, go ahead and back up your sd card to your PC - that never hurts, always a good idea, those things don't last forever either.

    You will have to set up your home screens and accounts/passwords when you're done, so there is a minor nuisance there.

    Hope this makes sense and helps! :)

    PS - a big set of SMS messages can certainly lag your phone, so think twice before restoring year-old messages you don't care about there.
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  21. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Member


    Short of doing a full-frontal-assault hard reset, what are the best practices for clearing as many cache repositories as possible? Is there a simple way to clear all caches in just a few taps?
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  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Boy that would be nice - but without root privileges, there simply isn't one for the OS, and the individual app clears are shrouded behind that [settings, Applications management] interface.

    I've seen (and on occasion, even sampled) apps that claim to do this for you - they go by keywords like "performance booster" and "memory booster" and so forth in the Store, but honestly, the ones I tried ranged from "doesn't do what the dev thinks/claims it does" to downright snake oil.

    Point being, ok to try those if you find them, but I wouldn't hold out any great hope based on my limited experiences there.

    A lot of the stuff you want to clear is on a memory partition that only the system and privileged apps can write to - and the makers and carriers decide what privileged apps are, you can't just have one easily to go into those areas (again, sorry for the broken record - unless rooted - because being rooted is the same exact thing as getting Admin access on your PC).

    Some people never really experience the trouble - or they have it to such a slight extent they don't notice it much - while others of us (especially those who use lots of apps, do lots of stuff with our phones, or were born on a Monday or when the moon was full) suffer it badly.

    Sorry, that's the best info I have firsthand.

    PS - if you go the frontal assault route with the factory data reset, your boot-up after that can tend to take what will seem to be a VERY long time - that's perfectly normal, it's not broken, get a tasty beverage and wait it out a few minutes as needed.
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  23. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Don't be put off by the "hard reset" nomenclature. All it means is that you're rebooting. No settings will be lost. MOF a good reboot is often useful for unsticking things and restarting stuff that wasn't working.

    If you don't feel comfortable doing it, then don't. It's still your phone and your life. Remember that advice is something that you control. Don't feel obliged to take any advice. :)

    IME sluggishness is more often a sign of something dominating CPU usage. On computers, things can use up all of the system RAM, which slows things down. Casual users often confuse the system RAM with the system storage (where the files live) and think that reducing the number of files in storage (the hard drive) will speed things up. This is almost never true.

    If the sluggishness doesn't clear up by itself, turning off the phone and removing the battery for a few seconds before putting it back and turning the phone back on (you'll see some logos, which means it's booting) is the next thing that I'd do.

    No, the "hard reset" will not do that. The FACTORY reset is the one that wipes out all of your personal data and programs. IMHO this should be used only as a last resort.

    Hope this helps!
  24. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Early, I found that AirDroid has an "App info" page in the Tasks applet that comes up when you select a running process and select "Force stop". There are "Clear data" and "Clear cache" buttons. Sometimes one or the other or both buttons are enabled, or not depending on the process. I'm guessing that their availability is related to the level of privilege that they run at. Is this a possible (albeit limited) way to clear some of that protected cache?
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  25. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Took me a minute - that's on the phone itself under the Tools tab, then Apps.

    That's really a shortcut to settings, Applications, manage (that's how it is on my phone, maybe a minor variation on your phone).

    Yes, in some cases a bug limited to specifically to an app can be fixed by clearing that app's cache in that interface, whether accessed by Airdroid, settings, or a desktop shortcut - that's accessing Android Application Management and that is privileged.
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