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ICS discussion thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by s_special, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Member

    I just went through those after reading your post - via the Task Manager shortcut I have on an alternate screen. It's interesting to see how many of the apps actually have sizable data stores or how many were actually zero. I've now cleared many of the caches via that path, expecially on apps I don't use very often. It will be interesting to see how those grow back...

    Thanks again Early. :pepsi:


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  2. godsdragon

    godsdragon Android Enthusiast

    OK... Here is what is going on... Last night it dawned on me that I have a sleep tracker appthat is the reason my phone shows awake.. However, I always charge the phone at night so this should net be a battery drain should it?
    At any rate, I got my bulky battery today, and it requires a "training" period, so What I am about to do is back up the apps that were left over after the slaughter, then I am doing a factory reset, then I am installing my new battery.. I hope that works...

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  3. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    could someone please explain in detail how to do a Hard Reset?
  4. godsdragon

    godsdragon Android Enthusiast

    1. Make sure you back up your apps and your data... (I use My Backup Pro) I am sure there are other back up apps out there that will do the job for you.
    2. Settings> Privacy Click on Factory Data Reset
    3. I did my first few resets with a Tech on the other side of the line, they do it a bit differently... They give you a couple of different code numbers in order for the process to take place...
    Once you are back on, restore your apps (the ones you really want to keep)--- I always find apps on my back ups that I can do away with...
    4. Restore your data and other settings

    Hope this helps...
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  5. DBL79

    DBL79 Lurker

    I agree with several of your comments and the Phone function in particular. There used to be a tight integration between Phone and Contacts. No more. I can't even right/left swipe inside the Frequently Called list. Why would they remove that?

    Another issue I have, I listen to a lot of podcasts with durations of several hours on the same audio file, and the Music Player no longer seems to retain its position like it used to. I used to be listening to a file, get interrupted by a phone call, send some emails, do something else not on my phone for 30 min to an hour, and when I popped back into "Music" the file was still paused where I left off. Now it seems like I do something else for 5 minutes and the player has lost it's place so I have to click through trying to remember what time mark I left off at.

    One more quirk, when I set photos from Gallery as my wallpaper background, it now only seems to give me a landscape oriented crop/size box, even though the phone is always in portrait mode when you're on your home screens, correct? Huh?

    All in all, I'm a big fan of Android but this is the first time that an update left me feeling like it broke more things than it improved.

    How difficult or disruptive to files/data is it to UPGRADE back to Gingerbread?
  6. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    One of my first posts here was "what's a hard reset?" I was told that it's just a "pull out the battery" reboot. That's what I've been telling lots of people.

    Can I get a definitive answer? I don't want to be giving out bad advice, and now I'm not sure which to believe. TIA and sorry to those who I may have misled.
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  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    The confusion stems from the earlier Android days when a Vulcan nerve pinch was required to do a factory data reset.

    Many of us avoid the term in favor of "battery pull" and "factory data reset" because sometimes "hard reset" varies by meaning from forum to forum.

    Battery pull is an excellent front line strategy.

    So long as a group agrees on their preferred terms, I don't think that any harm is done. Just remember to be flexible when talking to other groups. ;)
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  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Only ways that I know would be to root and install a Gingerbread rom, or use the Samsung tool that applies here (Keis or Odin) and flash a factory image.

    Check the root forum here for help and details.
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  9. godsdragon

    godsdragon Android Enthusiast

    I admire you Speed... We learn as we move along.. together... I am still learning everyday... something new everyday... It feels good to pay it forward..
    and... we all make mistakes...;)

    I myself am not even sure if I gave the right advice.. I am new at sharing advice for I just want to share back what has been given to me...
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  10. nomunk

    nomunk Well-Known Member

    absolutely it helped thanks a bunch, for some reason I was thinking a Factory Reset and Hard Reset was two different things, two different ways of restoring the phone back to original.
  11. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    So my phone just seems clunky and bogged down since the update. Anybody else? I haven't read the whole thread (its getting pretty long).

    I was looking forward to ICS because of the rumors that it unlocks the full power of both cores of the processor. Feels to me like my processing power cut in half. I even get keyboard lag now, which has never happened before.
  12. Jaycee23

    Jaycee23 Member

    Hey everybody, I been away for a while but I just upgraded to the Epic 4G Touch on June 5th from a metro piece of shit phone (Extremely happy btw) So i've had this phone working perfectly on gingerbread before the ICS update came out (OTA) & honest opinion....... IT SUCKS.... Biggest issue i have is the highly noticeable 30-35% battery loss than when using Gingerbread.....It seems to do perfect when phone is asleep barely wasting life at all but while it's in use... IT'S SUCKING THE SOUL OUT OF THE PHONE......Wifi is constantly scanning on my device (even when connected to home network) which i know is draining the battery... Videos on my internet browser (stock browser) (Even with an up to date Flash player) turns into an ALL BLACK SCREEN on me, Regardless of in Full or normal View ( Do you know what it's like to not be able to watch a porno when you want?) I didn't have the keyboard issue that so many other people were having tho.....Text messages now don't directly cut off the keyboard box when message is sent to view it's sending in progress... I give 2 shits bout a "facial unlock" This phone was heaven sold in stores when it was on Gingerbread, Ok i'll be honest, i liked the richer font and smoother view and able to change text font of the phone on ICS.... But at the Cost of my Battery, wifi, and videos not be able to play? **** that.. I also did a factory reset after my update when i noticed these bugs and it fixed nothing.....I just did one of those (how to unroot epic 4g touch back to stock rom) (after i rooted it to get the stock back) tutorials and have it running back to it's base.... The sad part is..... I contacted Sprint and told them about my issues with the newest update.... Do you know what there response was? ....... "We're gonna replace your current device with a "REFURBISHED" version already stocked with ICS...... So you mean to tell me you people are sending updates to millions of Sprint users ****ing up the devices, And your answer to that is to mail me a refurbished phone with the same ****ing buggy application??!?!?! You've got to be shitting me... I only had this phone for exactly 1 month 2 weeks & 2 days... (purchased on June 5th) IT'S BRAND NEW, But your gonna sending me a refurbished phone? what a joke....... So now i'm on gingerbread again and viewing my porno back to the way a man should... Sorry for my long ass Obama speech but I just had to get this off my chest, Please leave your feedback and/or comments.
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Your frustration is clear, but please stop pushing the language filters, that keeps the forums fun for everyone.

    Cheers, thanks. :)
  14. Jaycee23

    Jaycee23 Member

    Lol sorry bro, but this is bananas man.
  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    No, those are the site rules that you agreed to when you were given posting _privileges_ on a privately-owned site, so, yes, we have no bananas today. ;) :)
  16. Jaycee23

    Jaycee23 Member

    I apologize my friend, Just been having a few rough days with sprint. but yea, do you got the Epic 4G Touch as well?
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  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    No, but I respect the model a lot.

    And boy howdy have I been in your shoes on other Sprint experiences, LoL.

    Thanks for working with me on this. ;)

    Wish I had a better answer for you. :(
  18. Jaycee23

    Jaycee23 Member

    Yea this handset is the 2nd touch screen phone i've ever used, i have to say it's simply amazing. I was originally going for the iphone 4s but the screen was too small i didn't like it at all, decided to stick to my androids lol, phones will get extremely better in time, imagine 2-3 years from now, i expect to see phones with a weeks worth of battery life on a single charge lol
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  19. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Well, it's not for everyone, but I am a big fan of rooting - that's the exact same thing as getting Admin access on a PC, and I don't think that many of us would go without that.

    With that sort of access, you get a lot of control over what software your phone runs, might be able to change things and get even better performance out of your phone - that's what has worked for me.

    Our root forum above this one should have the information on that if interested.
  20. mrcminnesota

    mrcminnesota Newbie

    Using Sprint Epic 4GT ICS 4.0.4 - I can only use the Power/Volume Down button for screen shots (using the TW Launcher). I can't get the Power/Home to work. I don't know why some are able to either one.
  21. mrcminnesota

    mrcminnesota Newbie

    For those with issues of Text reformatting in the browser - I use Opera Mobile without issues (it is also the only browser that I can find that allows me to use the Microsoft Web Outlook for my work email)
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  22. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Not enough to punch the "thanks" button, I see. :hmpf:

    For me it's a holdover form when I was making a living in IT. Being right directly affected my ability to earn a paycheck!
  23. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    A lot of us have that same thing going on with the Evo 4G LTE - power+vol_down is from the manufacturer, power+home is from ICS - and it seems inconsistent for a lot of people, including me.

    Doesn't answer your question specifically, just saying that it might be some quirk when they try to give two methods, we're still trying to figure that out.
  24. mrcminnesota

    mrcminnesota Newbie

    Thanks for the quick response. Wish this would be posted on Sprint by their Admins so people are aware - always have to dig to find answers.
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  25. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    I hear that!

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