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ICS is coming for the Samsung Galaxy SII Touch 4G!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ewvegas, May 30, 2012.

  1. s_special

    s_special Android Enthusiast

    use apex launcher found in the market for a more pure Google experience

  2. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    Not hard at all. I used a MacBook. Plug in your phone as a USB drive, drag the update.zip file to your SD card and that's pretty much it
  3. s_special

    s_special Android Enthusiast

    One thing I noticed is that the contacts i have separated and images especially from Facebook
  4. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I did the manual install and it's gorgeous.

    I do have a question, it didnt install the ROBOTO font. Is there a way to get this font to the phone?

    It kept my original font that I had with 2.3.6 (which is nice, but I want the whole new font).
  5. heavychevy

    heavychevy Android Expert

    Check sprint ID, the leaked version has stock ics.on.it.as.an option without a third.party launcher. I.was wondering if the official one did too. I'm sticking with the rooted leak build from Samsung.
  6. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    It does, but I like Nova launcher better. It looks the same with added personalization.
  7. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone experienced a reduction in battery? I unplugged mine at 9am and within an hour the battery level was at 71 percent.... I also changed the launcher to the one with the with the circle with the 6 squares in the middle. Anyone know how to change it back? Thanks.
  8. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

  9. Lateck

    Lateck Android Enthusiast

    Start of day 2 on ICS. As I noted last night I had a few issues....Well, many have cleared up. Calendar & camera now working. Need to learn where stuff is located again (had the same problem when I up-dated my tablet to ICS).
    Battery life looks ok so far. Was at 89 when I went to bed and in the morning was at 75......:thinking:
    So, I'll keep an eye on that.
    It is getting better.... :eek:

  10. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    Looks like that link is 404. I'm getting the same "We're sorry" message that I got for a solid month when I tried to log into my Sprint account. Are there any independent links or 3rd party documentation?
  11. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    so how do i get out of the ICS if my battery is sucking too much power... Its at 67 percent and i unplugged it less than two hours ago at a full charge! Only being able to go 5 hours on a charge isn't worth having ICS......
  12. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    You've been pretty helpful with me on my other blog. Got any input into my terrible battery with ICS.... Going from 100 percent to 67 percent in less than two hours and hardly using the phone.....
  13. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

  14. CoachEVO

    CoachEVO Well-Known Member

    Similar problem here. After checking, my Android OS is using 62%. I have a feeling that my reception decreased a bit and the OS is continually searching for a solid signal (both wifi and phone).

    CPU total at 40 mins
    Stay awake 1h 50 min

    Unplugged at 7AM - now at 84%, hardly used at all...deliberately to see if it would drain.

    Before upgrade, I wouldn't even come close to 90% 5 or 6 hours in. I am no android expert, but would love a couple of ideas or thoughts on this.
  15. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    Yea i'm in the same boat you are...... I just checked my android os is at 43 percent and my screen is at 25 percent.... I use to be able to go a whole day without going below 50 percent. I'm sure you are the same way...... I don't have any answers of how to fix it other than go back to gingerbread 2.3.6 if that is even possible....
  16. CoachEVO

    CoachEVO Well-Known Member

    Yeah...I hear ya. It is disappointing. I am going to try and find an answer or two, but if I can't figure it out, I am going to go back.
  17. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    if you find anything worth while let me know.
  18. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    The price you pay for software bloat? :D

    Maybe it's still doing stuff in the background, which can be CPU-intensive. It also seems to keep the screen lit a lot. Before, my screen was the #1 consumer of power, so if it's doing lots of things (for instance my virus scanner is working a lot) and the screen is now staying lit for a long time, your battery usage will go way up.

    IME with other Linux embedded devices like TiVo, when it says that the update is finished, there's enough still going on in the background to keep the CPU pinned at 100% for quite a while. This can manifest itself in sluggish control response on the TiVo, and reduced battery life on a mobile device.

    Give it a day or so to complete all the checks and background tasks, and see if it's still a power hog. You might want to set your display back to a less thirsty power setting as well.
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  19. CoachEVO

    CoachEVO Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information..I'll let it sit for a couple of days. My screen is less than 50%. Thanks again for the reply.
  20. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert


    My screen is using up 60-65%, Android OS was at 10% and is dropping slowly, Android System was at 9% and is dropping slowly. I have Norton Security, which is holding steady at 7%, which indicates that it's probably scanning temporary files or something. Usually it's like 2%. Everything else is 2% or less.

    The new default power saving settings are a lot more greedy than I had the phone set before, so I went through the menus and dialed down the display and other power settings.
  21. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    I'm at 50 percent on only 2 and a half hours too...... ICS blows so far.....
  22. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Android Expert

    When I first got this phone, I did everything I could in the control panel to keep the GPS radio turned off. I just noticed that after the ICS install that "Location and Google search" has been re-enabled. I noticed that a lot of new and unwanted system processes are running again.

    It looks like we're going to have to comb through every setting and look for settings and software that we don't want sucking up CPU cycles, munching on memory and blasting the battery.
  23. BigHAZE

    BigHAZE Well-Known Member

    Installed ICS last night and battery life is NOTICEABLY WORSE!! I usually have 57% left after a normal full day of work. TODAY I was at 40% at 3PM..and have hardly used it today. WTF?
  24. bencurt24

    bencurt24 Well-Known Member

    join the club lol. I unplugged mine at 930 and by 1130 my battery was under 50 percent and i had hardly used it..... Just did a hard reset to see if that helps out at all....
  25. CoachEVO

    CoachEVO Well-Known Member

    Please let me know if it does.

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