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ICS keyboard lag

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by atlbravesfalcs7, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. atlbravesfalcs7

    Thread Starter

    Has anyone that owns a maxx downloaded the market version of the ICS keyboard? If so is it laggy for you? I'm completely stock on 2.3.6.

    The reviews for it say its super quick for everyone else. But for some reason that isn't the case on my maxx.

    Also it seems to consistently not register keys that I've pressed, leaving words incomplete.

    Same thing seems to be happening with go keyboard. Is anyone else having issues with after market keyboards?

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  2. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    i had this lag to i just went back to swype
  3. atlbravesfalcs7

    Thread Starter

    I've done some more research on this and the only two keyboards that don't lag or skip letters are the original two that come on the phone, stock keyboard and swype. In order to see the issue is to type fast and you'll notice letters skipped, even tho they pop up on the aftermarket keypad.

    So I'm curious as to whether this is a problem that can be fixed or can't.
  4. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    well im running the leaked ICS update so the ics keyboard runs great but as i said before the swype it the only half way decent stock keyboard on 2.3.6
  5. atlbravesfalcs7

    Thread Starter

    so the ics keyboard doesn't have the same issues on the update? thats good then. i was worried it might lag/skip letters with faster typing.
  6. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    No its just the ones you download have the issuses
  7. atlbravesfalcs7

    Thread Starter

    yep. the downloadable one along with any other keyboard you download from the market.

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