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ICS rolled out today?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Beckdroid, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Beckdroid

    Beckdroid Member
    Thread Starter

    I went to the Verizon store today to activate my employee discount and was told ICS for the Bionic rolled out today. Does anybody know anything? Anybody get it?

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  2. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    No update for me.
  3. kickbutkuss

    kickbutkuss Member

    Nothing here.

    Patiently waiting!
  4. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

  5. The benefits link says its .905
    So im confused

    To be honest I think this page is old jut because it says .905

    Lets not get excited yet
  6. My experience is that the absolute worst place to get information about software releases is at a Verizon store.

    The referenced announcement page is what they put up for 5.9.905.

    ... Thom

  7. That's why I believe that it has not rolled out. The Verizon rep probably confused the bionic with the razr
  8. goldz28

    goldz28 Android Enthusiast

    "I'll believe it when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet"

    Super Troopers.

    I agree the people in the stores are not very reliable for anything. They are like car salesmen.
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  9. goatrope53

    goatrope53 Lurker

    I think you owe an apology to car salesmen everywhere.
  10. ... car sales people.

    ... Thom
  11. dave1812

    dave1812 Android Enthusiast

    hehe. gender neutrality is the order of the day.
  12. Beckdroid

    Beckdroid Member
    Thread Starter

    Lol! I figured as much but thought i'd ask. Thanks!
  13. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    A new test build was released. I do suppose that he could have heard about that and assumed it was the final one for OTA.
  14. goldz28

    goldz28 Android Enthusiast

    No way
  15. At this point I don't believe that ICS will come out soon

    No one has said anything and it's past early Q3
  16. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    Still the first half of Q3, so I wouldn't read to much into that.
  17. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    ICS is done, all they have to do is roll it out, should be by the end of the month for sure you would think.
  18. x026092

    x026092 Android Enthusiast

    I agree, I think they are up to 8 leaked version.... It should be right around the corner....I think VZW is just trying to fit it in with all the other ICS OTA coming out. More than 2 moving parts at the same time confuses them.
  19. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    If ICS is done for Bionic, why wait to roll it out?
  20. dragonking37

    dragonking37 Newbie

    Moto and VZ promote the Bionic like its the last phone you will ever need and it rules all others and then put it next to last on the list to get the latest upgrade! Thank you so very much. My next phone will be with another provider and sure wont be anything related to motorola.
  21. chmodx

    chmodx Android Enthusiast

    There's really no official word on any of this stuff. These leaks come from unknown sources due to the real source not wanting to be in trouble legally.

    Whenever there's an article posted with a ? on the end, that means it's a "take it with a grain of salt" statement. Once a soak test rolls out you will know. Otherwise it is all speculation.

    It's ready when it's ready. No one here knows, and every forum on this site has the same excited people.
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  22. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    The above quote both just uninformed and untrue. These "leaks" are pulled straight off of Motorola's servers, and are digitally signed by them (Motorola). You wold not be able to install these on your phone with a locked bootloader otherwise.

    Its probably not "legal" in the strictest sense of the word to download these builds but Motorola dose nothing protect their servers from access by the general public.
  23. ... and Motorola knows what is going on and has chosen not to stop it. It is to their benefit.

    Motorola gets a bunch of volunteers to test out unwarranted software at their own risk and report the results.

    You would have to be "dumber than dirt" to be in their position and do anything to interfere.

    If they wanted it to stop it would be stopped ... in an instant.

    ... Thom
  24. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    ^^^^^^^^ The whole truth ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    And nobody's twisting anyone's arm to flash said leaks! :)

  25. Yes your right and its absolutely brilliant

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