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ICS ROM Reviews- Post your own reviews here

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hawker, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hawker

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    I have been dabbling with Hydrog3n and D4 Rom for the past 2 or three days, and I just thought I'd post up my thoughts for anyone who may be interested.

    I always had the intention of not even contemplating ICS until JKay+CheckROM hits the streets, so the thoughts of an ICS CM/AOSP/AOKP rom was enough to make me shudder. JKay has always been a must-have for me, and I think his work truely has set the GS2 apart from the rest.

    My first attempt was Hyrog3n. To be honest I found this to be so alien to me, I restored my CWM backup of GB CheckROM within half an hour.

    I then decided to give these types of ROMs a fairer go, so I put on D4Rom with the intention of sticking to it for at least a day. All I have to say is I am glad I did! I NEVER thought I could live without a ROM without JKay, but these AOSP type ROMs really do it all and more. Having a greater appreciation of this I then decided to give Hydrog3n a proper go in order to make a comparison of the two.

    Basically these 2 ROMs are identical, having the same CM9 base with Hydrog3n going one flavour further down the line being AOKP based, so there is little to choose between the two. Coming from a CM9 base this means there are some superb features in both of these 2. Its a shame that the best of the two couldn't be merged into one!

    What good features do BOTH these ROMs have?
    1. ROM-Specific preferences are accessible via the settings menu. This alows a huge range of options not present on standard Sammy ROMs to be configured. Most of these extra options discussed below are accessible through here.

    2. Data usage is a nice feature of ics. no more having to install the rather wakelock hungry "my data manager" any more. This can be split into mobile data and wifi. A time interval that relates to you bill start date can be defined and a data usage limit specified. In both data and wifi, the usage is broken down into the applications that used it. It even shows on a per app basis how much data was used in the foreground and background, so you can fish out any naughty insidious applications! I know, this is a feature of ICS rather than the ROM, but its worth mentioning.

    3. Loads of new notifications and ringtones

    4. Some nice graphical bar graphs under Storage

    5. There is an Advanced section whereby you can adjust general screen ambience for cold,warm etc, along with gamma settings. You can also set it to an Outdoor mode in here for a very bright screen if need be.

    6. An extremely customizable notification drawer, with swype to clear. Widgets can be defined (wifi,data,bluetooth etc)

    7. Battery icon style can be selected on the fly.

    8. The reboot option at the power menu opens up to allow Reboot, Recovery or Download mode.

    What does D4 Rom has over Hydrog3n?
    1. A Theme Engine. Instructions here This is a bit gimmicky, but ok. It basically allows you to pick individual applications that you want themed. The basis is to create a CWM.zip file, rename it to .d4te, then open it with root explorer or similar. I believe during the last update or two, this has now been implemented properly.

    2. Profiles, similar to old Nokia days, allowing profiles for work, home, meeting or whatever. However, these profiles also allow you to select if you want data, wifi, gps etc. on/off. You can even define within each profile, a profile for application groups such as calendar, email, sms allowing you to define ringtone settings etc. These profiles are also accessible via the Power menu.

    3. A very nice Honeycomb lock screen can be enabled/disabled. This has a lovely animated ripple-effect lock when touched.

    4. Host file can be updated to block adverts from browser/apps.

    5. D4rKn3sSyS (the dev of D4) has modded the camera to allow storing to external SD card. This camera.apk file can be used on either ROM if required. I think this mod has now been incorporated into CM9 proper.

    6. Has an OTA App that is self updating. Checks if your ROM is up to date. I think it is also used to alter framework settings. Not sure if it checks anything else.

    7. Sound Management allowing you to turn off/on a lot of system sounds, such as camera click, focus, low battery etc. Unfortunately, the ringtone itself cannot be changed, only enabled/disabled.

    8. Quiet Hours. Allows you to specify a time range (eg. in the early hours of the morning) to keep your phone quiet.

    9. Few more battery styles.

    What does Hydrog3n has over D4 Rom?
    1. An excellent Power Saving Mode. You can specify what to do when the phone is not in use (ie screen is off). You can select to disable bluetooth, wifi, data, all sorts of things. The beauty of this however, is you can specify a time frame to which this is to kick in. Eg. If the screen is off for an hour (or whatever you specify) disable all/some the battery hungry stuff.

    2. A battery bar can be displayed. This is a thin line (thickness, colour and position configurable) that goes from left to right on the screen, with the line all the way across the screen symbolising battery at 100%, and creeps gradually from right to left as the battery level drops.

    3. Battery styles selected on the fly are current instantly on the notification bar. In D4, it patches the new style into the framework, so takes about a minute.

    4. Upcoming events can be scrolled through in the lock screen if required.

    Other notes
    1. Hydrog3n comes bundled with a Netchip kernel, D4 with Siyah 3.x

    2. Both come bundled with Trebuchet Launcher. This is ok. Not as customizable as Go Launcher for example, but I wanted a pretty Lite installation, so I decided to stick with it.

    3. Swype 3.26 Beta needs to be installed separately on both.

    What's Bad?
    1. Scrolling. Not a ROM problem, but ICS. However, with the latest Siyah, it has seemed to improved. Its still not up to GB standards in my opinion.

    2. The stock browser is not as fluent as the GB one. Zooming in+out is very stuttery. I just seem to prefer the feel of the GB version.

    3. The stock Email, contacts, sms and calendar apps look dreadful! Themes are few and far between it seems for these two ROMS at the moment, but the one that is in the link above Re: theme engine is quite nice. However, I would strongly recommend you edit the zip file to only include the apps you want (remove framework and systemUI) as I got a few FC errors after. This theme greatly improves you overall user experience on both these ROMs in my opinion. More themes will surely follow shortly however.

    4. Battery life is not great so far. However, I'm a little more optimistic now I'm on the latest Siyah with its "battery" eXTweaks profile, and also now I have ditched the hungrier SPB Shell for Trebuchet. Only time will tell....

    There is nothing to choose between these two. Personally I think D4 just shades it, but if it had the Hydrog3n plus points above, it would be a sure-fire hands down winner.

    I hated this type of ROM on my initial go, like I already mentioned, but now my feelings have totally been turned on its head. I can honestly say I cannot see myself going back to JKay+CheckROM unless there is some seriously good feedback on it. I am a CM/AOSP convert! :)

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  2. iT0mm0

    iT0mm0 Android Enthusiast

    tried them both, your write up pretty much sums the 2 roms up. i just cant be doing with the basicness (is that a word lol)of these roms and yet there are so many bugs.

    4.0.3 is very stable and now ive gone back to lpr modem my battery life is almost as good as GB CRR with siyah

    im awaiting on indie doing his shizzle with omega V10 which apparently is out within the next few days
  3. semus

    semus Android Enthusiast

    good read, thanks :)
  4. Logan47

    Logan47 Android Enthusiast

    I'm running another variant of AOKP myself (Bezke rom) dual booting (siyah kernel) with wanam lite, sock ICS. I thought I'd miss JK settings but the Rom Control of the kang variants pretty much adds in those missing elements. As you say, battery life isn't quite there but improving rapidly with the right kernel. Scrolling needs tweaking a bit also. The nav bar option is a nice extra also if you want that Nexus feel. I'm probably going to stay with this style of rom for some time unless something better comes along.....I'm fickle.
  5. Hawker

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    D4Rom v6.0 is now out.
  6. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    Great review mate and glad to see you've come to the dark side! If you feel like it, give AndyX a try; it doesn't have the update checker or a couple of other gimmicks, but it's pretty slick and stable :D

    Based on this review I'm gonna give D4 v6 a try once I've had a few days on AndyX 10.1 :)
  7. Choronzonix

    Choronzonix Member

    You've convinced me to try D4 - it reminded me of when I used to swear by these kinds of ROMS back in my old HTC Desire days :p

    As Kie said though, AndyX is quite impressive, but I think i'll be delighted to see the back of TW and all those godawful Sammy apps.
  8. chadley78

    chadley78 Newbie

    What are the battery/eXTweaks settings you use?
  9. Hawker

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    Just the standard "battery" profile, available in CWM Recovery.
    I couldnt get very good battery on all my attempts on D4/Hydrog3n with Siyah. GB would average 1% idle drain per hour. On ICS this would be anything between 2% and 4% per hour!

    After a few other niggles, I'm back on good old CheckROM GB until something better comes along
  10. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    great reviews Kie, :) but even thou i think i`ll stick to GB till checkrom v7 ;)
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  11. Choronzonix

    Choronzonix Member

    D4 is definitely the best ICS rom i've tried, and I started using it as my daily last week. The combination of features and stability exceeds any other ICS rom i've tried (and i've tried a good few of the ones above). I'd recommend D4 too!
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  12. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Nice reviews Kie!

    You're still not going to tempt me away from GB yet though! :evil:
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  13. Hawker

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    Great reviews butty.
    To be honest there is not much to choose between hydrog3n and d4. Both have great features. It's a shame they can't be brought into one mother of a ROM, as that would be very hard to beat.
    I'll be giving my first sammy based ics ROM over the next day or so thanks to both ironass and kie, so I'll post up more findings soon.

    Btw i started a hydrog3n v d4 thread about a week back, mods may want to merge it into this one perhaps.
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  14. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    Consider it done.
    Nice reviews by the way.
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  15. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    Worth a try my good mate :D

    Thanks all! Being a post within a thread makes it a bit trickier to update but we'll see how things go.
  16. Hawker

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    I was hoping shotty would tie my thread onto yours kie and not the other way around. Hopefully he can put you and your reviews as the thread starter. I hope you don't think i was trying to steal your thunder butty as yours are excellent reviews.
  17. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    No worries my good mate! Long as it helps people :)
  18. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    Honestly, that's where they were supposed to go. It should still be Kies thread . thread was merged into Kie's thread but I think they ended up at the top as they were written first
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  19. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    Yep that's what I gleened from what happened. I can still change the thread title from the review post :D

    Edit: ...or maybe I can't! Shotty can you change the title to "ICS ROM Reviews - Post Your Own Reviews Here!"?
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  20. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert
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    I second that Kie butty. :thumbup:

    By the way, D4 Rom v8 is now up. This is an "intermediate" release, so personally I would hang fire for v8.1. I get the impression D4 is really gathering pace. After I give AndyX a try I'm definitely going to go back to this one, as I dont really think CheckROM v7 (whenever that finally emerges) will offer much more compared to other Sammy ICS Custom ROMs.

    I may be putting my head on the block here, but reading between the lines, the fact they are ardently waiting for JKay suggests this to me. :vroam:
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  21. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    But it's so easy to download and flash! Look, I'm doing it right now! :p

    This mirrors my prediction on what Checkrom v7 will have to offer. I'm hoping for a hybrid AOSP/Sammy rom with all the stability and customisation of both, and that's before we get into jkay. But I'm betting it will be sammy-based with jkay add-ons and I'll lop it in the group of 6 that are already reviewed.
  22. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    I've reviewed the following:

    1. AndyX ROM v12.0 Updated Version 02/05
    2. Omega ROM v9.0
    3. Wanamlite v11.1
    4. SensatioN v3.4
    5. Lite'ning ROM v2.0
    6. --VK--ICS v4.6

    7. D4 v10.0 Updated Version 02/05
    8. HyDrOG3N (18/04)
    9. Dragon ICS v2.2 Updated Version 02/05
    10. Resurrection Remix 1.4

    I think 10 is enough for now.

    - I tested each rom using a version of Siyah 3.1 underclocked to 800MHz on sio and ondemandx. The screenshots of the kernel version for each rom below are stock (ie before i put Siyah on...unless it came with the rom!)
    - I haven't tested CM9 because it's a shell...other devs have taken that shell and done better things with it, so there's no point me testing it.
    - I won't comment on battery here. ICS has an overall poor battery life compared with GB. I've found the drain to be about the same no matter whether it's sammy-based or AOKP. My suggestion for improving is to find a good kernel like Siyah, underclock the hell out of it, and turn off Google sync!
    - These are just my opinions of each rom. There's a good chance I might have missed something good and bad about each one. If my opinion of a rom offends you, make your own review :p

    Samsung-based ROMs

    1. AndyX ROM v12.0
    By adesirello
    XWLP9, Sammy based

    I've been using AndyX as my main ICS since late January. Its main draw has been its stability rather than its perks. Back in the beta ICS rom days (a whole 4 months ago :p), it was difficult to find an ICS rom that had everything working. It's likely others worked well, but AndyX was the 5th one I tried and the only one even close to stable. Nowadays it has its ups and downs *coughv10.0cough* but it's still the most stable ICS I've seen.

    It got kicked off xda for various rule violations, but the OP still updates on another website and still keeps in contact with every poster! So it's an all-round goody.

    - Stable, smooth and fast! Everything a newcomer to ICS could ask for.
    - Nice custom bootanimation

    - It's sammy-based, so after the initial honeymoon period of ICS features disappears, you start getting bored.
    - Every second update seems to be hit and miss. v10.0 had a lot of issues, which were fixed in v10.1.
    - adesirello continues to use uploaded.to, which is about as fast as turtle covered in mud pulling a caravan up a mountain...upside down.
    - The new bootanimation sound is a bit lame :p
    - The new 'recent apps' list makes everything squished! (see picture below).

    02/05 - v12.0 is out; based on LP9. This is the current reviewed version.
    01/05 - v11.0 is out; based on LP8. It's as smooth and stable as always. v12.0 is cooking, based on LP9.


    2. Omega Series v9
    By ::indie::
    XWLP4, Siyah v3.1 beta3, Sammy-based

    The draw of Omega is its built-in checkrom-esque kitchen. I only got around to trying version 9 blue-black, and my issues with the kitchen were far from being kept to myself. Since I never got it working, I got bored of it quickly, because it's your basic sammy rom but with a cool theme. To paraphrase my post in the Omega thread:

    - Great-looking interface with cool icons.
    - Works really well with GO Launcher (but then, they all do).
    - Awesome pattern unlock screen (same as D4).
    - Comes with some nice apps, like Home Switch tool, ConvertPad and FasterFix.
    - Seems to work just fine with Siyah v3.1 beta3 and underclocking.

    - Comes with all the stock Samsung rubbish, which is easily deletable.
    - Custom bootloader tends to stick around too long, up to and including the lock screen.
    - Cannot for the life of me get the kitchen working. (maybe v11 has fixed it?).
    - The boot screen is a bit boring, but hoping to fix that with the kitchen!
    - After a couple of days usage I kept getting constant FCs and the phone became nigh on unusable. I hope this is fixed in v10 but I haven't tried it yet...

    01/05 - v11.1 is out with BULP6 modem and LP8 firmware.
    23/04 - The last con wasn't in the OP, but I sourly found it out later on =/ I hope to update this thread with new versions of roms, so perhaps v11 is more stable :D


    3. Wanamlite v11.1
    By wanam
    XWLP8, Sammy-based

    I can't really find a difference between this and AndyX, besides the firmware/modem/kernel versions. They're both extremely stable and smooth. People might prefer this over AndyX because it's still on xda and the updates aren't as russian roulette as AndyX's :p

    - Like AndyX, it's stable, fast and smooth. Great for beginners.

    - Again, sammy-based, so there's little in the way of customisation.

    04/05 - v11.5 is out, based on DXLP9.
    03/05 - v11.4 is out, based on DULP9.
    01/05 - v11.3.1 is out, based on XWLP9.


    4. SensatioN ROM v3.4
    By Crysis21
    XXLP7, Sammy based

    Another sammy-based ROM with some nice but unchangeable tweaks. Had one FC but I think I cause these somehow, not the ROM :p

    - Mostly Smooth, fast and stable.
    - Has some different icons and a cool dialer.
    - Good wallpaper selection!

    - Boring stock bootanimation.
    - Lack of customisation.

    04/05 - Apparently Crysis has a crisis and is asking money for a new hdd since he lost his with all his Sensation 3.0 data on it. Ouch. Will be a while before this rom updates.


    5. Lite'ning ROM v2.0
    By LitePro
    XXLPQ, Sammy based

    This one was a bit more interesting to install. I couldn't find a zip version so I downloaded the md5 version and flashed using Mobile Odin. I was very wary when doing this since I didn't get to manually wipe data/cache/dalvik/battery in CWM, it just apparently did everything in the app. I wasn't sure what would happen. So I get the stock SGS2 bootanimation and......it worked! Looks like it did a fullwipe as well, since all my apps were gone. I was wondering how it managed to fullwipe and still use Mobile Odin to flash, but I see now that Mobile Odin is still here! So it must remove everything except Mobile Odin. How handy!

    I had the wide selection of twlauncher or launcher pro, so I chose twlauncher first and remembered why i don't like twlauncher. But I wasn't gonna be on this rom for too long so I thought I'd suck it up, delete all the useless widgets, and play around.

    Other than my flashing tale, there's not much to say about this one. It's pretty stock, haven't had any troubles with it, but I just feel like it wasn't flashed correctly (since it's not the way I'm used to). It feel like I'm an old operator pressing a button to turn a valve rather than using my hands...just doesn't feel natural.

    - Seems stable and smooth enough.
    - Nice wallpaper (but there's only one :p).

    - Requires Odin to flash, rather than CWM. My method was a bit uncouth.
    - Had a Gmail FC which could have been my fault, but still made me wary, considering how it installed.

    - Now on v2.7 with Siyah 3.0.1 on LP7. I don't foresee much difference in a 0.7 increase of a version; it might be stabler with the new modem/firmware I guess :) Seems like it still requires Odin to flash.


    6. --VK--ICS v4.6
    By nguyenxuanhoa
    XWLP8, Speedmod 3.0.15, Sammy-based

    Another AndyX-esque rom with a couple of unchangeable tweaks, including different icons and transition effects. The transition effects look like Apex / GO Launcher ones and they're set to random, so you always have a different effect when switching menus. Other than that, it's a nice rom where everything just works.

    - Fast, stable and smooth. Another solid sammy-based rom.
    - Nice transition features makes it a bit more customised.

    - Lack of customisation.
    - Lack of wallpapers! Apparently there's 27 VK wallpapers, but I can't find them anywhere!

    - v4.7.1 is out, based on XWLP9!
    - v4.6.2 is out.

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  23. Kie

    Kie Android Expert

    AOSP and AOKP ROMs

    7. D4 v10.0
    By D4rKn3sSyS
    IMM76D, AOSP

    This is more a developers rom. It comes with a few unique dev tools and not much else stock. It's one of two in this list that doesn't come with Google Apps standard, and most people need that to function (like me :p) so you need to install an app pack and use CWM recovery to install. You can find the latest GApps here.

    Being AOSP it also doesn't have native screenshot capability, so my pics are from Screenshot ER, which is awesome.

    Update: Since I finished taking screenshots, I've found the screenshot capability. You have to hold the power button until the menu pops up, and it's in there! (see screenshot)

    Great bootanimation, which includes the Siyah bootanimation since it comes with Siyah. I fear one day we'll have 4 or 5 bootanimations in a row for all the devs, much like a video game.

    I'd previously had issues with the rom (and AOSP/AOKP in general) with not being able to enter/locate apn details. This meant that I didn't have 3G for any AOKP roms ever. I've since realised that the phone just needs a restart! After that it automatically finds the apn. This does not work in Sammy roms, only AOKP roms! Sammy roms don't find my apn but I can enter it manually. I'm actually really starting to look at AOKP roms because of this one. Once the 3G worked, I went to try all the features.

    - Smooth, fast and stable! It's about as stable as AndyX.
    - Awesome Siyah and Phoenix bootanimations.
    - You can choose from 7 different battery icons.
    - jkay-esque tweaks such as status bar clock removal, lock screen functions, etc...
    - Power management tweaks such as underclocking (without using Voltage Control!).
    - Honeycomb lockscreen toggle.
    - Sense Apps.
    - Navigation bar tweak, which is half-customisable (it's a bit buggy still). The Hydrogen one is better (see below).
    - Themes. The only theme out is an awesome Black Ice one, which even makes Facebook black and white, instead of the weird blue-purple colour. Update: There's a few more themes available, but they don't work yet!
    - Torch app with a v.nice strobe feature. Great for annoying people at parties!

    - It's AOSP, so a bit of work is required to setup. If you're used to sammy roms, a lot of the options have moved around (eg usb utilities), been disabled by default (eg mounting external sd cards), or been removed completely (eg Task Manager...unless someone can help me find it!). As I stated, GApps is not included in this rom.
    - Unlike a lot of AOSP roms, D4 hasn't yet got options for changing the lock screen functionality (even in v7.0).
    - The AOSP contacts page is ugly :p

    07/05 - The name has changed to ParanoidAndroid and there's a beta out here. It will still be v11.0.
    01/05 - v10.0 is out! Comes with Siyah 3.1.2. This is the current reviewed version. v11.0 is cooking, and promises to add lockscreen wallpapers!
    25/04 - v8.0 is available.
    23/04 - D4 was updated to v7.0 a few days ago; you can check for updates using the phone, like Checkrom's kitchen! Half of this review is for v7.0 since I've been on it for a few days now, but the images below are still v6.0.


    8. HyDrOG3N ICS (18/04)
    By Paradoxxx
    AOKP, IMM76D

    Interesting rainbow haired unicorn bootanimation (AOKP I guess). It's a basic AOKP rom, which doesn't include GApps. It has more lock screen options than D4 (see pics) and a pretty cool navigation bar tweak (pics again) that makes you think you have a Galaxy Nexus! The rom comes with trebuchet only, which has zero features...so I decided to have a play around with the navigation bar in Apex Launcher, which allows you to hide the dock. Of course, I had to use a downloaded apk since Google Play wasn't installed, but I got there in the end. You can see the result below and it actually looks pretty good :D You can configure the nav buttons to do whatever you wish, and the button colours/highlight glow colours are customisable too!

    Now, it's missing a LOT of features that D4 and a few other AOKP Roms have. The main issue with this one is that most of my gallery folders disappeared! They weren't deleted, just hidden, but it was very annoying. I wouldn't recommend this one when there are better AOKP roms available, like D4. The only reason to get it would be for the nav bar :D But then, other AOKP roms (see below) have the same bar.

    - Has a lot of customisation (similar to but not as much as D4), including a very customisable Galaxy Nexus nav bar.

    - Hides the majority of gallery folders...
    - Same AOKP cons as D4.

    07/05 - v05/05 is out, no changelog.
    02/05 - v02/05 has been released, now on IMM76I, with another massive changelog.
    27/04 - v27/04 is out with a massive changelog here.


    9. Dragon ICS v2.2
    By Dragon7780
    AOKP Build34, Siyah v3.1 RC5, AOKP

    Comes with a pretty nice bootanimation. For the Swype fans, this comes with Swype as default, even at setup! This ROM has an awesome tron-esque theme. Also comes with a cool Car-Mode app and the torch app like D4. The nav bar from Hydrogen is also included.

    The new version (2.2) is an amazing rom. It's fixed all the usb and gallery issues, as well as having that awesome theme and the great customisation of D4 and Hydrogen.

    - Awesome Tron-esque theme and bootanimation.
    - Swype included as stock.
    - All the customisation that D4 and Hydrogen bring (including the AOKP nav bar!).
    - Has a "shake to screenshot" feature!!

    - Same AOKP cons as D4, but other than that, nothing!

    04/05 - v2.4 is out, based on AOKP Build 35 Milestone 5 and Siyah 3.2b6.
    01/05 - v2.2 is now out with latest GApps, AOKP Build 34 (changelog here and Siyah 3.2beta1. This one is awesome!


    10. Resurrection Remix v1.4
    By westcrip

    The last one I tried started off with a very cheesy bootanimation. The stock rom looks quite dull, but there's a nice looking black theme on the thread. This one hid more of my gallery than any other AOKP rom. I only had the camera folder available! Other than that, it's a lot like Dragon ICS in terms of functionality, but faster and smoother.

    - All the functionality and customisability of D4 and Dragon ICS.
    - Nice alternate black theme.

    - Hides most of the gallery...
    - Cheesy bootanimation.
    - Stock theme is pretty boring.

    07/05 - v1.8.1 is out, fixes bootloop during installation.
    04/05 - v1.8 is out, based on AOKP Build 35 Milestone 5.
    01/05 - v1.7 has been released based on AOKP Build 34.
    23/04 - v1.5 is out with the car mode app from Dragon ICS.


    This is a general comment really, but with all the variety of roms out, users should be looking for two things:

    1. Ease of use and stability, including minimal setup; and
    2. LOTS of fun tweaks!

    The roms that bring those two things will be the frontrunners in the ICS race! At the moment, sammy roms have the first but not the second and AOKP have the second but not the first; it all depends on your preference. I'd recommend sammy-base for new users and AOKP for the more experienced. But if you'd like to know my preference, well here it is:

    Top 3 picks:
    1. Dragon ICS (awesome customisability and relatively little setup for AOKP, very stable, great theme, everything works!)
    2. AndyX (stability, simplicity, it just works. I fall back on this one when AOKP ones frustrate me)
    3. D4 (great customisability and themes)

    I'm all about customisation, and Dragon ICS and D4 have a stackload of it, whilst offering the stability seen in AndyX and Wanamlite. Dragon ICS takes no additional time to set up to AndyX! It's gonna be my favourite for a while!
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  24. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    Right you're back as the OP Kie. You seem to have lost the thanks that were with them though. It seems to be one balls up after another, soz.
    Hopefully everyone will notice and press it again.
  25. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Right I aint happy about this Shotty. :banghead:
    Get me back on top NOW!!!

    Below is Me+Kie, with Shotty in the middle:

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