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ICS Rom?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shmooey, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Shmooey

    Shmooey Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know of a stable ics rom that i could use? If so that'd be great :)

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  2. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    I doubt there is much support for the D2 in this regard. You could check aokp.co to see if they have one archived, though.
  3. themib

    themib Android Expert

    there has been some updates, @ rootzwiki.com, but depends on what you call stable
    and if you have a955 or a956
    for a955 liquid rom is pretty good
    LiquidICS V1.5 [Unofficial port]
  4. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast

    Hey, could you guys help me?
    I need a ROM for a Verizon Droid 2.
    It had 621, I installed liberty 3. No Wi-Fi. Downgraded to 2.3.3
    Reflashed liberty. No Wi-Fi. Flashed some Wi-Fi lib fix. Works after toggling airplane mode repeatedly.

    This phone is not used as a phone anymore. Not activated. How to dumb it down to tiny tracker style?

    Also want to use it as a keyboard for another android... Suggestions??
  5. themib

    themib Android Expert

    You can not fully downgrade from 2.3.4/621 to 2.3.3, it will be unstable and things like wifi may not work, flash full 2.3.4 sbf with RSD Lite, and wipe data in stock android recovery see How to Use RSD Lite to flash a .sbf (Stock Rom)
    sbf link Motorola Firmwares
    verify md5 following my Verify that your download is complete with MD5/SHA-1 Hash Checksums

    several roms in my list, wifi should work on all of them

    sd_shadow's (themib)[Collection] of Links For: Droid 2 (a955)
    or shortcut 621 Roms
  6. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast

    If I understand your link... I must use a PC; can't do everything strictly on device directly... That sucks.

    Used framaroot originally... Got ROM toolbox pro. Installed Liberty from there... Rebooted to cwm and flashed the liberty zip. Been toggling between my stock backup and this ROM ever since...

    I don't understand how CWM didn't replace the stock recovery like on my Huawei y301-a1.

    Yes, Liberty 3 is buggy as all hell on my device... Didn't realize how 'rigged' I made this device until your response.

    Weird thing is, the physical keyboard is far more responsive on Liberty...

    Stock is terrible coming from a 4.1.1 device... How did anyone use these devices back then? LoL

    On that note, can you direct me to a stable 4.x ROM? I'm still learning terminology. And it seems to be quite different than I'm used to.

    Thanks for your help!
  7. themib

    themib Android Expert

    Not if wifi doesn't work, or no cdma (VERIZON)
    If you can connect to internet, download Liquid ICS 2.0, and install that in CWM Recovery
    wifi may work on that without re flashing stock firmware
    I do not recommend Rom tool box or rom manager, no one updates rom links on there anymore, and the roms available are not up to date.
    the motorola locked bootloader prevents stock recovery replacement, a bootstrap is required
    see my [HOW TO] Install/Use Droid 2/X/3 Bootstrap
    links to several ICS roms in my list of roms
    there maybe a KitKat (4.4.x android) rom in near future, I will post link in my list if that happens
    sd_shadow's (themib)[Collection] of Links For: Droid 2 (a955)
  8. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast

    1.6? is linked to in your page, where would I find v2???

    1.6? (can't remember last digit) is a MAJOR improvement.
    Thank you so far!
  9. themib

    themib Android Expert

    Sorry he builds roms for several devices and hasn't updated the d2 version to 2.0
  10. DeadDude

    DeadDude Android Enthusiast

    Well, thank you very much for everything. Liquid ROM is smooth... LoL

    Please keep me 'in the loop',

    Thank you for keeping this page up.
  11. themib

    themib Android Expert

    Your welcome, glad it is working for you.

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