ICS Update date for Vodafone Uk announced


It has been announced by VF in the UK that ICS for the s2 will be available on the 12th april via Kies or OTA.:D


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To the best of my knowledge, Vodafone are the only carrier thus far who have done an OTA update and never one of this magnitude, So, only time will tell. Personally, I would recommend doing the update via Kies or, at the very least, an OTA using Wi-Fi as a loss of signal could be disastrous.
How can I get this Vodafone update on my phone if my phone is rooted?

Is there no other way apart from Kies or OTA?

It should be available via Samfirmware.com or use Check Fus on or just after the date..
Download it then flash it via Odin after doing Data reset and delvik cache wipe through recovery.
No..It will download as a Zip file, but this must be unzipped first. you will notice 2 files. a MD5 file and a SS_DL.dll file. Take no notice of the SS_DL.dll file.
Make sure that USB debugging is ticked in phone settings.
After data reset and Kelvik wipe, turn off the phone and take out the battery for 5 seconds. restart in download mode (volume down/menu button/power button.
Make sure Kies is not running. start Odin as administrater, connect the phone to the pc through USB. ID:COM should show up yellow. Click on PDA. Load the MD5 file.
Make sure Re-Partition is NOT TICKED. Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time SHOULD BE TICKED. Press start. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB CABLE as this will result in a bricked phone..


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When you say to do a data reset and kelvik wipe, do you mean do a factory reset on the phone? If not, how do I wipe these?

Also, when I have ICS on my phone how do I again root access again?



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SamMobile have now put the offical Vodafone UK firmware up here: SamMobile Firmware Page

Will I be able to flash this firmware onto my phone using Odin? My phone version is as follows:


I am running Gingerbread version 2.3.5.