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ICS Update kills Bluetooth controls?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dmark44, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Dmark44

    Dmark44 Member
    Thread Starter

    Before the update, I could play/pause, skip, go back using the buttons on my Sony MW600 stereo Bluetooth receiver. Even worked on the HTC Music app (older versions of Sense such as on the orginal DInc did not support it.)

    Now the Rezound does not respond to the buttons in any music app. I wonder if this is a phone problem, an update bug, or an intentional crippling of ICS.

    Anyone else have or not have this problem?

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  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    I didn't have this problem specifically, and with a Plantronics headset, but deleting it from the phone and re-pairing seemed to fix my troubles, just an idea.
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  3. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    No issues here, works fine with my EQ7 and T505.
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  4. Dmark44

    Dmark44 Member
    Thread Starter

    Good suggestion acejavelin, I tried but it didn't do the trick. I wonder if I need to turn off the option to back up settings and then re-pair the device.
  5. olbriar


    I have found that BT controls vary with different pairings. I can't begin to tell you why. I suggest forgetting the connection and pairing again..and perhaps again. Third time is the charm sometimes. I wouldn't think the phone or the BT device have changed any with the upgrade. It's all in the pairing.
  6. jjmstang

    jjmstang Newbie

    After the update to ICS my bluetooth won't keep a connection to my Sync in my truck. Before ICS it was connected and never dropped.

    Any ideas ?
  7. ladius

    ladius Newbie

    About two weeks after the ICS update on my phone, I suddenly lost bluetooth link to my car. the phone kept saying that bluetooth was turning on. I switched off my phone, took out the battery for about a minute and put everything back on. Now it connects no problem.
  8. Dmark44

    Dmark44 Member
    Thread Starter

    I hate to say it, but I might have been blaming the wrong thing. I just unpaired and paired my Sony MW600 and now it works.

    But, I also just uninstalled the N7 media player trial from my phone. Looking at its settings menu it looks like it may have taken over the headset controls and not played nice with other music programs in that respect. N7 has a super slick UI but needs some work on features/functuions.
  9. ladius

    ladius Newbie

    ok, the problem came back. the bluetooth is in a perpetual state of "turning on." it won't link to my car. something's definitely off. the battery pull worked for a while but something is obviously making the bluetooth wonky.
  10. Been trawling the forums with the same issue.
    Conclusion : it is an ics issue with most music players. I use poweramp so emailed them for a fix. Using stock RAZR 4.04 player, which is unaffected in the meantime.
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  11. edshropshire

    edshropshire Newbie

    I had a similar problem after Google Maps crashed and rebooted the phone. My Bluetooth would never start on the phone. Did a battery pull and now everything works.
  12. wnrussell

    wnrussell Newbie

    I rolled back my ICS from the OTA 215 official update to 6.16.211.XT912 and it works fine again.
  13. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    Ummm... never heard of that version, you know you are in the HTC Rezound forum, right?
  14. ladius

    ladius Newbie

    Are things working out for you? I'm still having problems and I just read the issue with the Maps app. Someone posted that they were also having problems connecting bluetooth to their car. It seems the Maps update might be causing bluetooth issues and the easiest fix for now is to uninstall the latest update. Trying it now.
  15. YY1334

    YY1334 Newbie

    I have had the same issues. Not only is the phone not pairing to my car, but bluetooth on the phone itself won't turn on. Also maps restarts my phone every time. I've done factory resets, changed battery's (verizon sent a replacement), I'm on my third phone after verizon has sent me two replacements. This was actually happening for me before the update, but since it's just gotten worse. Also the battery won't charge with the wall charger. I think I'm done. I just spoke with verizon customer support at length, they are offering me either a galaxy nexus or a motorolla droid razr (not maxxx) as a switch option for free, or I can just buy a SGS III for $599. What do you guys think? Time is critical, she is calling me back in about 45 minutes.

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