Help ICS Update = Late/Delayed Incoming Texts

1st post so Hello to everybody

Phone: HTC Sensation (not rooted)
Provider: 02
Platform: 4.0.3
HTC Sense ver: 3.6
Shoe size: 9 (UK)

Updated to ICS recently and started to notice I was receiving texts late, usually 10 mins after they were sent to me. This is intermittent and there seems no reason as to why that I can find.

Uninstalled Handcent and installed Go SMS Pro and seemed to do the trick for a few days but then it happened again.

Uninstalled Go and used stock SMS and again worked OK but I noticed it again a couple of days ago.

Rang O2 and did Sim wipe, reentered SMS centre no and still got delay. Also tested SIM in another phone and works fine, no delay. They said it is a phone fault then.

Called HTC and they advised that I had a corrupted update and that I needed to factory reset, which I have done. Unfortunately the problem still persists.

Spent the afternoon sending myself texts and some go through and some do not.

I do have poor service at home, 1-2 bars, but this was never a problem before the update.

Other than that I had the "Android is Updating, Optimising Applications" issue but his has now cleared.

Sometimes I do not receive messages at all and have to restart phone, once or more, to get messages.

HTC want me to send the phone in for repair but thought i'd see if can get any help from you lovely people first!



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To update: Got a new SIM yesterday and thought/hoped it had sorted it but no joy.

Anyone got any tips? I'm wondering if it could be an app clashing with ICS?


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It seems that it is a fault at O2s end after all.

I'm fuming, spoke to them twice last week and they fobbed it off and sent me to HTC so had to do factory reset etc, taking hours and causing untold grief. Where if the she'd of done her job and looked at he fault properly the test message report she sent me would of told her that the fault was with the network. Not to mention the work i've lost out on!

Had to switch phone to 2g and messages come through fine and they've raised a fault for an engineer to check at local mast(s) and get back to me in 5 days.