Help ics upgrade problem for huawei u8800 pro

I have recently updated my u88oo pro to ics from the file downloaded from the official web worked fine for some time

the first problem i encountered was:i unable to able to make a call

in a hurry i didn't disable my antivirus and started the upgrading the phone again....... After i copied the first dload file and clicked upgrade sd card it showed the process and it started to reboot but it doesn't go any further it started reebooting again and again but doesnt go any further

i have taken the phone to service center they said mother board has to be changes as they are unable to detect any software

so now the question is should i allow them to change the mother board??
is there any other solution?


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Hi V, did you have CWM installed?
If you Power on the with Vol+ together - it should boot into CWM.
You should be able to go to Backup & Restore and choose Backup. Neil.


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what is cwm and where can i download it
i have given my phone to service center and they said that they couldnt detect any software and they said that there must be mother board problem and sent it to comapany to replace it it has been 12 days now my phone has not yet returened

can u give me details about that software and link to downlod it when i get my phone back i will make sure to download it


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Hi, CWM is ClockworkMod which is used when you want to Backup and Restore ROM or stock recovery.
Sounds like it's a bit late with your case.
Did you follow the procedure supplied with the Download from Huawei?

The following is extracts from the Huawei Guideline included with the Download. You MUST follow their instructions to the letter to avoid problems.

HUAWEI U8800pro Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
Software Upgrade Guideline
Prepared by U8800Pro ICS team
Date 2012-06-29
Reviewed by U8800Pro ICS team
Date 2012-06-29
The version is android 4.0 ICS,please read the instructions to update your phone.
1. Software requirement
a) Before upgrade, please guarantee the version you use is Huawei official version, or else it may fail or cause unknown problem.
b) Don’t try to upgrade software of other country or customization, or else it may fail or cause unknown problem

Hardware requirement
This software suits U8800pro product, it can only be used for U8800pro 1 product as it may cause can’t power on if you use this software on other product.

As you can see, they repeat the warnings.
I have updated both my U8800 X5 phones to the Official Huawei Android 2.3.5 version without any problems.
A Forum Post I read suggested that a 2GB Micro SD card should be used to apply the Download and it worked for me.
I would try to do a Factory Reset which should restore your phone as out of the box state.
To do this:
[FONT=&quot]Huawei U8800 boot menu [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]To get the boot menu where you can among other things factory reset the Huawei U8800, do the following. If your phone still has the “old” 2.1 or 2.2 versions of Android, just power off and then restart. If, on the other hand, you have 2.3 (Gingerbread), you may have to power off the phone, slide off the back cover, take out the battery, wait a few seconds, reassemble and then do the following:[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Press and hold the [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Volume up+Power[/FONT][FONT=&quot] keys and keep holding them until your phone vibrates. After a few seconds, you should get an exclamation point inside a triangle and a 3D android, followed by the boot menu. Now you can reset to factory default. You do this with the menu item [/FONT][FONT=&quot]wipe data/factory reset[/FONT][FONT=&quot]. Do NOT under any circumstances select wipe cache partition, as this will brick your phone unless you know exactly what you are doing![/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Interestingly, all menu items are all lower case, for some reason, with no initial capital letters. To select an option, arrow down with the volume buttons, and select using the power button. Do check you have the correct option before doing this![/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]As usual, I accept no responsibility when providing this info.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Always make sure your phone battery is fully charged before carrying out any of the above. Neil.


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First time i installed the upgrade,i followed all the steps given in the guide and it upgraded successfully,but after some hours(like 6 to 7 hrs) i couldn't make a call from my phone
so i started the upgrading process again.but i forgot to uninstall antivirus,after i copied the first dload file and pressed the upgrade sd card it showed the process that the upgrade is done and started to reboot and after that it showed only only the huawei logo and started to boot again(i think that's a boot loop problem) .. So i went to official service center of huawei in hyderabad, india
they said that they couldn't detect any software and sent the device motherboard to company.. It has elapsed 15 days till now but no response regarding my device

but i want to know more about this cwm after i get my device i want to install this
can you give me details regarding cwm
that is where to download it how to install etc....


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[so i started the upgrading process again.but i forgot to uninstall antivirus]

If you open Google PlayStore, and do a search for CWM you will be able to choose Free or Pro versions.
This software is recommended for Androids when the phone is to be "Rooted" so that you can Save & Backup your Data and Restore if problems are involved.

I think you forgot to start afresh when you tried to run the Download the 2nd time.
My suggestion to try and enter the Boot Menu would be worth a try when you get the phone back, providing the supplier has done nothing to the phone. Neil.


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I tried to reboot the phone once it started to give bootloop problem .. I only got a pink screen other than that i didnt get any further than this


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Hi V, If you got a Pink/Purple screen, this is the Download/Safe Mode where you can connect to the computer via the USB cable.

It would be possible to try and get the Upgrade pack to install from there.
As I understand it, the Pink screen shows the phone is not "bricked".
When the phone stays with a Black screen - it's bricked.

When the phone doesn't respond after some minutes - if you remove the battery for a couple of minutes then re-install - it should be possible to start the process you want again.
I have experienced this myself and removal of battery and re-install clears the current job. Neil.


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Do we require any drivers installed in our pc for the up-gradation of the phone

what happens once we connect our phone to pc once we get pinkscreen

i am sorry to ask this i didnt tried when i had my phone so just want to know what happens

do we get the sd card contents and start the process again


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Hi V, If you have a computer running Windows Vista/7/8 OS, the necessary ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Drivers will usually automatically install when you connect your phone to the comp via the USB cable.
(Messages will appear at the Taskbar indicating state of progress.)

Earlier versions of Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE will need a Google search and Download.
Windows XP has the Driver in it's OS but you will need to Google for instructions on how to set up and install.

Remember, Google is your best friend at times. There are lots of useful procedures posted on how to do various jobs and good step by step instructions. Also, YouTube shows you how in video. Do a search and see if it helps.
Let me know if I can help you further. Neil.