Jul 31, 2010
Ok, so here's a question that I would appreciate any suggestions on...

Do to the size of my DHD, I sometimes wish that i had a smaller/lighter phone for those times when I go out on the town with my mates, especailly the times when things get a bit 'messy' and I panic about either losing my DHD, or having it stolen, or falling over in a drunken moment and breaking it etc etc.

I am therefore looking to get a second phone that I can stick my sim card in for those nights when I am out and dont want to have to worry if my DHD will make it home in one piece with me!

I was thinking of something like the Wildfire S, but have heard mixed comments on it. Ideally I want something running froyo as a minimum, with a reasonable camera (with flash), and a decent build. The smaller it is the better, although I dont want to have to go to something really small like the Sony Xperia Mini, as I like to be able to actually read the screen :p

Has anyone got any suggestions?