Ideas for Droid once you upgrade?

I have already upgraded to the Droid 3, and my OG Droid is currently in use by a family member. Once I get it back, I was wondering if anyone ever came up with creative ideas for it. Ideas I kicked around:

- ipod touch style "wifi only" device, but I wouldn't need it since I have the D3
- Root/hack/have fun with ROMs just to play
- Sell it (What are people getting for good condition, clean ESN phones)
- Home security camera of some sort
- In car gadget (play mp3s, maybe standalone GPS)
- Somehow tether to my D3 and have two Droids for bragging rights
- Loaner/spare unit

So has anyone done anything creative, or got a good price on selling it (again in working condition, clean ESN, in good physical condition). I can't think of a great use off the top of my head.


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You can always try Swappa. You can get pretty good money for a good condition, used Droid... especially if it's already rooted & ROMmed. Check it out.

What will I do with MY Droid? I'm going to deactivate her, clean her up, box her up and put her away. Then one day I'll be able to break her out and show my future grandkids the phone that started the Android revolution back in 2009. Sure there were Android phones before the Droid, but the OG Droid made Android cool for the masses. :)


My 70 yo Dad has decided he wants to ease into smart phones. I think this will be a perfect device for him, provided I SPF it back to FroYo so it is clean, stock and just works.

Otherwise, I'd sell it - mine is in great condition, and I have the car dock (the original and the new one that came out with the DX, with the swappable cradles), the desktop multimedia cradle, a wall charger and car charger, plus shell / holster combination from VZW.

I should be able to get at least $50 for all the accessories, and the pone itself sells for $100....

But Dad wants a gadget. And I'm the resident gadgeteer, so...IMO, it's the safest bet to give him the phone I already know inside out.