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ideas to improve better security for android 9 areas

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kakashi2000, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. kakashi2000

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    hi google i am here to give you some ideas and improve your security in android 9 for all phone

    1 bluetooth i think is vulnerable the reason is simple you can turn on bluetooth but someone can connect to your bluetooth nornaly with a code or a security check what i mean is bluetooth dont ask for any password or code so you can connect to the other device leaving bluetooth vulnerable to hackers

    add a list of device you whant to limit access to prevent other device to connect to your bluetooth when is on or you are using it for radio or pc or ect because hackers scan radio signal to byppass the security and hack it

    2.prevent phone wireless card been exploit when hacker scan the radio signal to exploit the wifi card on the device to steal or spy or ect

    3.in the past android old version the gooole store play when a virus infected the android sistem the virus was able to delete the store and replace it for a fake store so you can download fake application or unknow programs prevent malware in the new android 9 be remove or replace or modifie the store improve a anti exploit in the store and prevent the store been delete or replace

    4.most aplication even on android 9 bypass the security of permision there still app that in order to start ask you phone permission posible to hear and steal data alot of game ask for that you need to improve a solid policy even antivirus and other rare program i recomend that you verifie all application in the store and ask the developer what is the true purpose of that feature if they violate the privacy you shold remove the app from the store

    the 1 application that byppass the security is facebook even if all the permission are block the application can see everything they use facebook to spy the users and that is a violation of privacy

    5.printing is vulnerable you can turn it on but never ask for a code or a security to prevent some one else connect easyly to printing in the android 9 improve secure to ask code or limit devive like bluetooth to prevent hacker exploit this feature

    6.nearby device scanning another feature that is vulnerable this feature scan for other device easly but dont ask for security code some can easyly connect to your device improve security for this feature and add device control or limit or a code to connect

    7. NFC and payment i dont see that this feature have any security that ass for code or a security check mean that a hacker can easy bypass it and steal and ect easy

    8.improve better security for mobile hotpot and tethering to prevent hacker exploit the phone wireless or the hotpot security and gain access by wifi or usb connection

    9.prevent phone can been higth hack by radio scanner or jamming signal to hear private conversation or steal information

    10.improve message security i hear long time ago that a hacker use a virus code that cant bee detected that can hack your phone by sending message not only that you resive the message but you never see it that arrive and the code active and hack your phone. improve message to prevent exploit code attacks and secure message

    11.area view security certificate can be trick this area have the android certificate but a hacker can trick this area because the security is weak making or cloning the same certificate to prevent been detected and higth hack the phone for other purposes not only that there is not a notification that tell you that certifcate have been modifie or a new have been installed from a application or something else you most do something to prevent hackerss take advantage from this and make the cerfiticate say google so you know is original from the phone and not from some one else or ect

    12.improve better security for device admin app this look weak you cant deny or allow or remove the app admin mean that any app can access to be a admin easy and take control of the device this area is very important and need to be extremely secure============

    13.secure all remote areas to prevent hacker can exploit it or bypass it

    14.secure camara to prevent hacker can turn it on and spy or steal information there is not a notification that say that some one else or a app or browser or website is trying to access to the camara to steal or spy fix this

    15.add more areas global clock

    16.improve network and security to prevent any network attack that try to hack the phone from the internet or to infected the phone with malware or ect over the network in all areas

    17 improve keyboard security encription to prevent password or data can be steal when you write

    18 improve secure calling encription

    19.prevent hackers copy all the device mac and info and clone it to gain access and hack it remotely

    20. prevent hacker hack you by using your personal number phone to gain access or to send diferent type of attack add a anti exploit to prevent phone exploit attacks

    21.improve tower signal comunication security to prevent exploit when the wireless tower signal get to your phone

    22.improve lock screen security i know app and hackers can bypass it this happen to me in android version 6.0.1 and the hacker damage my phone and stop working

    23 improve gallery security prevent app to clone or copy your picture that you have in your phone that will be a privacy violation just incase improve this area

    24.improve GPS security to prevent access cant access to your location using uknow app or haking programs or tools ect

    25 improve display security prevent app record the display or screen shot secretly of what you doing or access remote the display phone

    26 improve better gaming performance for the CPU and GPU

    27 improve better anti exploit for CPU and GPU security

    28 improve boot security
    29 improve hardware anti exploit security for all areas
    30. make browser more secure to exploit attack and malware
    32.fix the HTML5 that dont work correctly in some website

    ect improve all areas just helping to improve the phone android 9 security for all phone

    thank you

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  2. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
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    One, this isn't Google, isn't affiliated with Google and, to the best of my knowledge, no one in an official capacity from Google comes here and reads random posts.

    Two, punctuation is your friend...
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  3. kakashi2000

    kakashi2000 Lurker
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    do they have any official forum i mean google
  4. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Yes, Google that.
  5. Hadron

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    I love this one:
    The protocols for a cellular call are nothing to do with the operating system, and any phone, Android, iOS or a 1990s dumb phone must use the same protocols. So there is literally nothing that Google, Apple or any phone manufacturer can do in response to this, unless they are going to replace all of the world's cellular networks and every handset on the planet.
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  6. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
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    There are Google forums, but they're for community-driven help with Google products.

    There's a Google contact page. You can report privacy or security problems affecting their products there.

    That page also includes their physical mailing address, if all else fails! :)
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