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Idisk/MobileMe Access From Android?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by goon55, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. goon55

    goon55 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Anybody have an app or know of a way that I can connect to my idisk drive through mobileme on my Droid? I haven't found anything in the market and of course the Apple site is no help.

    Doesn't make sense to have a personal 'cloud' that I cant access from my phone.


  2. Flahusky

    Flahusky Well-Known Member

    For now I'll echo what others are going to say.
    Get DropBox/SumoDrive or Sugarsync to work with/replace iDisk.
    edit: It appears you will have to mail our self links to any and all files you want to access on your iDisk. There is no app for it on the android platform, and I don't see apple developing one for their competition. Granted I only tried going to me.com/idisk on the stock browser and was directed to install the iDisk app from iTunes.
  3. pkincy

    pkincy Newbie

    I have dropbox but don't want to have to learn 2 systems. I much prefer Mobile Me as it is seamless to use across my puters and my IPAD. Now we need an enterprising developer that wants to earn some money to make us an app that would hook up the droids to the Mobile Me cloud. Keep the cost at $4.99 or less and I am there.

    There must be millions of us that like Apple Products but that need a phone that actually works (and ATT can not be described as workable) so have gone with the droid until Apple comes out with a non ATT capable phone.

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  4. MV10

    MV10 Newbie

    We've been using iDisk for our business files, since one of my partners saddled himself with a Mac which means his options are limited (the rest of us had been happily using all that wonderful free SkyDrive storage space until now).

    Fire up the Market and look for a free program called aFile Lite. Load it and hit the services tab, and scroll all the way down to add an iDisk login. Use the menu button to access a "Save" command to actually store the login (took me awhile to figure this out -- it's not the greatest app, it's kind of flaky and buggy, but it does work).

    Between this and Documents To Go, we can get all kinds of stuff done on the road.
  5. mikematzdorff

    mikematzdorff Lurker

    the easy answer is to use most any of the android browsers (x-scope or stock) and turn off the mobile site ability so it sees the site as if you're on a desktop computer. idisk.me.com/username
  6. dohearne

    dohearne Lurker

    I just purchased the Samsung Fascinate today as ATT does not cover Vermont. I am otherwise an Apple user including MobileMe which I thought I would just access via the web. However, the site will not let me login. How do you turn off the mobile site capability and what do I lose if I do this? Is there any other way of getting to my MobileMe account, e.g. different browser, etc.?
  7. JasonBunting

    JasonBunting Lurker

    Yes, QuickOffice is a for-pay app that does work with mobile me's iDisk, but I don't know how well the integration works or much else about it, for that matter, only that it does connect to it. In fact, that's how I ended up on this page - I was looking into it to see what it was. Hope this is helpful to you, even a few months later.
  8. sfmobius

    sfmobius Lurker

    afile lets you view but I can't find a way to actually upload files.
  9. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    Anyone find out if you can access me.com from an android phone? I can't seem to get to that website.
  10. derekm2j

    derekm2j Lurker

    I have found that you can use any app that supports webdav protocol. such as sync manager from android market. then just set it up to access the idisk like so


    use your username and password

    if you use other apps some ask you to specify a port setting. 443 works for https.

    best of luck

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