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If anyone feels like working on a rom for the vs450pp

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by none2, Feb 24, 2016.


Would you like to see someone fix these bugs and make this AOKP rom available on the exceed 2

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  1. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

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  2. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The settings crash and reboot on app uninstall can be fixed by pushing the following keymaster files from a stock rom onto the device in "/vendor/firmware/keymaster"
    just use adb root then use adb push

    keymaster files:

    If you do not want to download these files and have a stock rom the files can be found in "\etc\firmware" from the system.img

    Now to try to fix the SD card bug....
  3. drumgod552

    drumgod552 Well-Known Member

    I got a spare one of these laying around and would like to see something other than stock on it, especially aokp. I had an ms323 and all those roms that no one can or will seem to port over sucks cuz my ms323 is in the bulk loader qualcom super brick and I don't have the time to get all the right stuff together to fix it...but I'll test anything on that vs450pp if needed....I even got one of the cricket models too , yes 3 of them lol
  4. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  5. Father Guido

    Father Guido Android Enthusiast

    I have successfully flashed rcunningham's LG-G3 port for the Ultimate 2 on one of mine if you are looking for an alternate ROM. There are other ROM's on those (his?) forums, but I haven't had time to try any of them yet.
  6. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you, i will try this rom aswell, although mainly i am searching for anything non kitkat because it seems like all the 4.4.2 Roms i try are terrible for battery life. the phone will only last a few hours using it or not where as the CM12.1 rom ive been using will last all day and still have around 40% left. these kitkat roms i end up with under 20% within around 4-5 hours even if i haven't used the phone at all.
  7. Father Guido

    Father Guido Android Enthusiast

    I haven't used this on a daily driver, but only to verify it works properly (seems pretty light and fast). Please do report back with your battery life findings.
  8. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So far my only problem has been settings>security crashing other than that it seems completely flawless, everything works how it should, including the bug that was draining the battery, i have not fully tested it yet but the process causing high cpu use that was draining battery is not causing high use so far in this version.

    p.s. the settings>security problem can be fixed by replacing the keymaster files from a stock rom in \system\etc\firmware\
  9. Hey, there. I just picked up a VS450PP. I have 4 other devices on custom ROMs. I am only using it for experimentation. I would like to help. I will be happy to be a guinea pig, the phone cost me $10. It is a decent and nice looking device. I would hate to see it fall by the wayside.
  10. Anything new on the sdcard bug?
  11. Ok. I just got finished reading everything that was said & I don't know what some of it means but I am having problems with this phone. VS45OPP LG optimus. I have been having apps crash & being removed from the home page, text not going through or coming in, not sure if it is my phone dropping the calls but I think sometimes it does, & problems with the internet. I have a support post going about the signal strength which is 1x- 95 to -96 dBm. And the problems I just said. Didn't know if you guys could help me out!?
  12. Try wiping cache. The Exceed 2 only has 4gb of internal storage. This includes apps, messages, and phone calls. Sounds like you're full. Do you have an SD card in?
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  13. Yes I do have one in but I need a bigger one. I don't know what size I should upgrade to through! All of a sudden my phone is back to 3g but I don't know about the other problems. When I decided on what size sd card to get, I'll put everything I can on it which I try to do now. One of the app's that's having a problem is on the card. Like FB and the messager are the ones I have a lot of problems with. If I have FB up the messager won't work right, it crashes. I have to go through the app and still some times it crashes.
  14. Father Guido

    Father Guido Android Enthusiast

    If this helps any, I can confirm that a 64gb SD card will work on these *if* you format it in the phone. A 64gb chip will come formatted as NTFS or extFat, hence the need to format in the device (unless you have a Linux computer or use a 3rd party application to do so). Easiest method is in the phone.
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  15. Just so you know, FB and
    Messenger are notorious memory hogs. I've seen FB grow as large as .5 Gb if left unchecked. There are alternatives. I use one that takes a tenth of the room.
    #15 Bg260, May 8, 2016
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  16. Ok thanks I'll look into it! I was going to get a 32GB. Don't think I will be doing that much more with this phone. I am hoping that I will be able to get a tablet soon!
  17. I'm having a slight problem with my Exceed 2 now and was wondering if I could pick your brain? @Father Guido or @none2
    My settings app crashes. Im coming off of a factory reset. I am unable to enable USB debugging or install apps from outside sources. I have tried using an activity launcher to access dev options but none will open. Also having problems flashing Roms. TWRP logs say the package is for w5c and I'm a11. Not a daily driver so I've got no stress. Just wondering if you had any ideas?
  18. none2

    none2 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For the settings app crash, you most likely need to replace the files at "/vendor/firmware/keymaster" with the files from a stock or working ROM, if you look up to my 2nd post, i explained how you fix this and there is a download with the files you need. just use a root file explorer of some kind to place them in "/vendor/firmware/keymaster" and make sure the permissions are set right then reboot the phone and everything should work.
  19. Oh, heh. I took care of that a while back. Thanks though
  20. I downloaded my stock ROM (it's a different ROM, but I'm trying to find the keymaster files) and I unpacked system.img.ext4, and then managed to open up and read it (with Windows). I looked in both:


    And I can't find the keymaster files. Any ideas on where I can find them?
  21. Sorry. I can't help. I no longer own one.

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