if I root but dont change anything do I need a backup


this is my first root, I will be using superoneclick

Basically I want to root in order to download led hack so I can turn off my trackball light. If I dont uninstall anything and dont flash a custom rom, all I am doing is rooting, will I still need to make a backup in order to be able to recieve updates such as prl's after uninstalling led hack and unrooting??


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You should definitely make a backup. Especially if you're going to install a program that requires root. The backup is not a huge file, and you can store it on your computer instead of your SD card. Also, if you root and install the app, then uninstall the app and unroot, you will no longer have the desired effect of said app. In other words, you won't be able to turn off the trackball. Oh, and as far as I understand the unrooting will have to be done by running a RUU which will wipe you clean back to square one. So again, the backup is definitely in your best interest.