Root If I Try To Root and Mess Up....

im not gonna try to rush it or anything but If I try to root (telus milestone) and mess up can i preform a factory restore to reset it back to normal?
if u mess up what will happen will it get bricked or something?? thanks in advance


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Its pretty difficult (if not almost impossible) to brick it. As far as I know, there have been no reports of bricked milestones, and most "mess-ups" have been done by other people already with no dire outcomes, so i think the phone is pretty robust.

Just do a lot of reading beforehand and you'll have no problems.


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If you screw up the root. You download the 2.1 spf file and restore in RSD Lite 4.6. The milestone is pretty much brick proof you would need to corrupt the file system or something to brick it and i don't think thats easy to do