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If iPhone were on Sprint, would you still use EVO?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jeremysm1, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. zpilot

    zpilot Well-Known Member

    For battery life considerations, I'd probably swing over to the iPhone.
    On a side note, everything just works on the iPhone (user-friendly and intuitive). With the Evo, yes there is mass customization but if a better OS was made, then there isn't really the need to get new apps/software. I'm not the kind of person that likes to update this or that just to make a phone better. It's like modding cars. I rather get a Corvette than to mod a Mustang to get to the same horsepower.


  2. gezzuzz

    gezzuzz Member

    iphone is prefect for who really dont even need a iphone... evo is for people who need more then the iphone....
  3. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn Well-Known Member

    If a bullfrog had wings out wouldn't bump it's ass when it hops.
  4. kurpaige

    kurpaige Newbie

    The iphone 4 is nothing new. Can't believe CNN bragged about video conferencing when EVO has it already. 3.5 screen i thought was small then i saw the N1, it's tinny now that I have the EVO. Video editting on that screen, will continue to edit on my macbook.

    The biggest thing the iphone got going is the "it just works factor". No female I know likes android cause they just want it have the apps on the phone already and they don't want to learn how to find this or that, they just want to use it.

    I love the iphone, but me as a traveller, I love all the different things I can do with android and the EVO screen just made it oh so easy to do VNC to my servers!!!
  5. cesjr02

    cesjr02 Android Enthusiast

    The extra pixel density is nice, but after my Evo I simply cannot use a phone with a screen smaller than 4.3 inches.

    Also there is so much more you can do with Android, you're not limited to the constrains of Apple. (Keep in mind, I'm not biased in the slightest, I love Apple computers. I own an iMac and will soon buy a MacBook Pro.)
  6. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast


    The Evo is to the iPhone like freedom is to prison.

    e.g. iTunes
  7. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    very similar question as this post:


    interesting to see the difference opinions..

    Frankly the new iphone 4 is great product.
    the real big issue is AT&T.. service and pricing...SUCKS.

    if iphone 4 and EVO was on Sprint.. it would be a win win for all! More choices for more people = more happy clients!
  8. pokerjv

    pokerjv Newbie

    Hells to the NO. Evo rules.
  9. misterzeno

    misterzeno Well-Known Member

    No, I have owned two ipod touches over 2 years, I love tweaking and customizing and while the iphone software "just works" its boring to me. Also I think every phone I own from now on must have the same size screen.
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  10. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member


    My iPhone was getting boring.
  11. dhinez

    dhinez Well-Known Member

    I'm sure if the iPhone came to Sprint at the same time the EVO came out, I would have had a difficult decision on hand. I like that Apple did research and testing for a year before releasing each version of the iPhone. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a closed source meaning you don't have access to the memory unless you jailbreak it. Android like WebOs is an open source and which gives you more freedom and customization. I still would have picked the EVO over the iPhone for that simple reason. I could careless about screen size as long as it was responsive and accurate.

    Now the true question is, if Palm or any other manufacture released a refined version of WebOs to a device equivalent to the EVO would you buy that?
  12. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    the iphone going on its 4 model i never own one and i never will i just don't see all the hype to be honest yes when it first came out i thought it was a nice phone but thats about it...i like android..
  13. Scarlett920

    Scarlett920 Member

    I would choose the EVO because I'm just not a big fan of Apple. I would also like to feel like my phone is exclusive. Everyone these days has some type of Apple product or software (I myself included with my Itunes).
  14. FLEMTP

    FLEMTP Member

    EVO vs iphone... this is an easy one.

    EVO has a battery you can remove, so you can carry extra batteries, get an extended life battery, etc.

    Bigger screen on the EVO

    A micro SD card slot for up to 32 gigs of memory...iphone is locked in at whatever you buy it at.

    Sprint/Asurion will INSURE the EVO

    I used to want an iphone so bad it wasnt funny.

    Now, the iphone has no use for me, and I have no use for it.

    Sprint & HTC hit a home run with the EVO

    Not to mention the iphone 4 WILL NOT have a 4G chipset (LTE OR WiMax)

    The EVO outdoes the iphone 4 and its not even out yet.

    to me, they aren't even in the same class...its comparing apples to oranges.. mainly because the EVO has so many more capabilities right out of the box, and there are no amount of apps or OS upgrades that apple can put out that will bring the iphone 4 even close to the EVO.

    iphone = fail!
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  15. phearx

    phearx Member

    It's hard to decide. Ultimately what it would come down to for me would be the apps. While some apps on the marketplace are subpar, in comparison to the app store, I like the freedom that Google allows to it's developers. I'd probably stick with the EVO simply because of a few apps that are not allowed on the app store.
  16. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I'm undecided. Being able to see flash enabled websites is kinda important for work, so I'm not sure. This is my first full touchscreen phone without a keyboard and the one thing that I'm finding difficult with the EVO is 1 handed use (which, I'm getting used to on the EVO, but still not quite comfortable).

    Overall, I'm happy with the EVO, but I can't really say that I wouldn't move to the iPhone if it were on Sprint. Aside from it having very good capabilities, there are a TON of companies that develop product exclusively for the iPhone. Not to say that there aren't companies coming out with product (e.g. accessories, apps, etc...) for the EVO or other Android devices, but the concept of having a lot of options really appeals to me and the iPhone just has that huge head start.

    Quite honestly, I just wish HTC would just have one (1) phone that continues to be available from year to year with little to no change, with exception to the internal hardware and internal technology. I think that's one thing that has set the iPhone apart from everything else. It's one singular name, with cross-compatible accessories, and it's identifiable to everybody.

    I'd love to see the EVO have a 4th Generation phone in 4 years, while still keeping the make of the phone pretty much the same (so any accessories I buy now, especially docks, can be used from generation to generation of the phone). The last thing I want to see is, next year's EVO becomes an entirely different phone with a different name and none of the accessories I currently have will work. That takes away the convenience (even if I sell the phone online with all the accessories I can't use with the 2nd generation of the phone).

    Just my .02. Right now, since the iPhone isn't on Sprint, my choice is easy...EVO FTW!...lol.
  17. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    When I get so old and pathetic I find myself crapping my depends while sipping buttermilk and watching Matlock and am an incompetent menace behind the wheel of a car, I'll buy an Apple product.

    You all have orders to shoot me in the head before I ever reach such a state. I don't want to see it coming...make it a surprise.
  18. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

  19. victrola

    victrola Newbie

    i would in a heartbeat.

    providing they keep their pricing structure for non-4g phones. i have a sweet deal with sprint because i'v been with them for over 10 years and whatnot. the only reason i don't have one now is that i don't want to be raped by att.

    i have a hero now. considering an evo. i've had a smartphone since the first palm phone and i've been waiting for a single device that will let me lose other devices when i leave the hose. the evo/hero/iphone is almost there.

    why i would choose the iphone over the other two (right now, anyway) is that my music collection would be about 90% intact on the 32gb iphone. and, with the new (and supposedly improved) camera, i can lose my still camera. the hd video camera on the iphone also lets me leave one more device at home. finally, since i'm so used to the ipod interface, i'm going with it.

    my two cents. this thread has been really informative.
  20. Zellster

    Zellster Newbie

    I'm not an Apple or iPhone fan. They incrementally improve models from one generation to the next to generate revenue. The mania that surrounds Apple products is embarrassing.
  21. Rhonen

    Rhonen Well-Known Member

    I have always been resistant to the iPhone because it
  22. some.devil

    some.devil Android Enthusiast

    Nope, Evo for me.
  23. chriscrasto

    chriscrasto Member

    Once you go big, you can't go back. EVO all the way!
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  24. bosplya

    bosplya Newbie

    I would buy a iPhone now that the evo is out. I had 2 ipod touches. And since I got the evo I am selling them. Plus the iphone 4: no HDMI, no 4G, no expandable memory, no battery replacement, no kickstand, no flash, no hotspot, much smaller screen. no t
  25. enarez

    enarez Lurker

    I love the evo and wouldn't trade it for any any other phone. Especially not for a phone in a locked down ecosystem.
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