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If the Fedex Truck is Missed?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by MariposaNegra17, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. MariposaNegra17

    MariposaNegra17 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My mom ordered a new phone and I've been tracking the package on my phone while at work.

    I know that the package is on the Fedex truck on route to her house, but I don't think that she's awake and might miss the trucks arrival meaning that no one will be there to sign for it -___-

    If this occurs, will we then have to wait until tomorrow, or is there a way to pick it up later today?

    Thank you in advance! :)

  2. najaboy

    najaboy Android Enthusiast

    The door tag should list the time it will be available for pickup today.
  3. MariposaNegra17

    MariposaNegra17 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank you!:D
  4. codeyh

    codeyh Guest

    Yeah, usually after 5 or 7 or something.. you can pick it up from local facility.
  5. hasunhats

    hasunhats Lurker

    To cover any fears or worry, you can always leave a signed note at the door and they should leave the package there. Be sure to say ATTN: FedEx, tell them your name and you are expecting a package and you authorize them to leave it at the door. And sign and print your name (both).

    Was told all this by numerous Verizon CS reps as FedEx always neglects my address and never leaves a doortag and has worked beautifully.
  6. jaw174

    jaw174 Lurker

    funny you say that. happeneed to me on the release date of the incredible.

    i get to the fedex pickup location in weatherfield, get my box, and obviously play with in the parking lot.

    i look over and there is a girl unboxing her droid incredible as well.

    i think i lol'ed.
  7. buckeyeredeye

    buckeyeredeye Newbie

    The sales people at verizon told me to put a note on the door, write "fedex" then sign the note. They will leave it a the door. This was after I told them I may not be home during the week of delivery. Didn't try it however as wife was home to receive it.
  8. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    LOL did you get her number? I mean, seeing as how you have your phones out and all! :D

    I'm having my Droid X shipped to another household because I was being stupid when I ordered it. Not a big deal, but I had my sister plaster a note on the front door over there just in case. It's all handwritten, with my signature, date, actual note saying to leave the package, and the tracking number. If they don't leave the package, I'll be rather irritated. :|

    I checked FedEx's site a few days ago, and it does, in fact, say that you can leave a doortag or simple note on your door/porch telling the driver to simply leave your package there. The selected shipping method has to be the, "Indirect Shipping," method, but that appears to be what Verizon uses... so yeah.

    If you don't order through Verizon, be careful. You may get your package via UPS, etc. and you won't necessarily be able to do this. Check with whoever you ordered through, and then with whoever they processed your order with.

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