I would take the new Toshiba 4inch display that is slightly higher pixel than the Retina Screen.

iPhone touch responsiveness

iPhone build and quality

Samsung Infuse/Galaxy 2 S design and layout

HTC software

Apples App store
I have drawn mine on graph paper.
Its awesome.

Replaceable keyboard/gaming pad/bottom screen/super speaker,
128 GB internal NAND memory
Curved Glass Display ( 4" nHD 3D S-LCD with LGs black tech)
Great speakers,
all the HW features of Galaxy S2 and Evo 3D,
Running CM8
My perfect phone would be the size of a freckle but project a 20" display. It would have unlimited gigabit data and a terrabyte of internal storage. Most importantly it would be able to deliver a 10,000 volt charge to the earpiece of telemarketers and solicitors.
Apple Hardware running WebOS with the flexibility of Android with Apple's App Store running on a network with the speeds of Verizon LTE but with the prices and extras included of Sprint with GSM instead of CDMA so that I could switch my sim card out of it if needed....
- Design of the old LG Voyager, clamshell and all
- One of LG's awesome full QWERTY keyboards (this is my dream phone remember)
- Internal and External 4" Capacitive touchscreens
- Verizon LTE
- Tegra 3
- Whatever is the latest and greatest in screen technology is
- 32gb of internal storage, so I wouldn't necessarly need an SD card
- 8MP camera is good enough
- Optical Trackball below the external display
- Front Camera
- At least a 1gb of RAM
- Easily hacked, nothing locked down
- NO BLOAT, but do put HTC Sense 3.0 on it

Thats all I can think of right now.:D
Good display for reading, fast memory to access books, pdf, etc.
Easy sync and control like the old Palm devices.
iPhone 4 with a 4.5" display + microSD card slot, running Android, dual boot to iOS as needed. What's WebOS? :p I kid I kid. Would love to see some compelling WebOS hardware out.