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If you could buy any phone...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cbasse, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. cbasse

    cbasse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got my Captivate from Let's Talk on July 21, and today is the final day for me to return it if I want a refund.

    While I'm overall happy with the phone, I'm wondering if any of you other Captivate users - knowing what you know now about the Captivate - would buy a different phone if given the chance to do it all over. Put another way, out of all of the Android phones out there, across all US carriers, what would be your top choice - Captivate, or something else? Not sure yet whether I am going to return it or not, but thought it would be interesting to get your feedback!

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  2. kisner

    kisner Newbie

    i'd consider waiting for the new nexus
  3. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast

    What new Nexus? There isnt going to be a Nexus 2.

    As for OP I would say the EVO4G, but Im happy with captivate its fantastic!
  4. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    Id return the cappy,

    buy an Iphone 4

    Sell the iphone 4

    rebuy the cappy and make $200 profit :)
  5. DT

    DT Android Expert

    Hahaha, nice.

    You know, I could/can buy any phone, even if it required switching carriers (though staying with AT&T has it's own merits).

    I considered the Droid X, but I think the display on the SGS is superior (and I prefer the more compact, streamline form factor).

    I like the iPhone hardware, the better camera and LED flash (I actually prefer the larger SGS vs. the "retina" display) and the industrial design is very cool, but I far prefer Android.

    No interest in RIM or another WM6.x and there's no WM7 available now, so given any purchase of any phone, the SGS seems to offer the best mix.
  6. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    I would probably buy the droid x or even droid incred, only reason i went with captivate is the old att plan i have , its twenty bucks cheaper then any vzw available plan
  7. thindery

    thindery Well-Known Member

    This is a tough one. I like a lot about the Captivate but it has two featurs I really wish would have been included in this version. The led flash and a front facing camera. I know I wouldn't use both of those features all that often, but I would like them to be there if I wanted.

    I had the Evo 4g for two weeks and loved a lot about it. What I love about the Evo:
    1. HTC is already rolling out 2.2 (that's pretty fast considering the phone is like 45 days old or so
    2. had flash lite on 2.1, 10.1 on 2.2
    3. has led flash
    4. has front facing camera
    5. has 4g (though my testing of 4g didn't find it too much faster then att 3g in some areas)
    6. Huge root/rom community

    What I didn't like was Sprint sucked in my area and the phone felt bulky kind of. I know it is a little larger screen (4.3) but man the captivate just feels so much smaller and the screen is still huge.

    My dream phone would probably be if the captivate and evo hooked up one night and an offsping was born. :)
  8. Simba501

    Simba501 Android Enthusiast

    Hmm....very good question. I probably would've went another route and waited on the GPS issue to be resolved. Heck, I'm still considering returning it...
  9. cbasse

    cbasse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the responses...

    The Sprint Evo was on my list, as were the Verizon phones...wondering if I should return the Captivate, then wait a month until I'm free to go to any carrier I want...
  10. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    If I was on Verizon I would be seriously considering the Droid X, but from tests it looks like the Captivate if faster. So, I'm perfectly happy with my decision.
  11. rob989_69

    rob989_69 Well-Known Member

    EVO is old school now. Captivate spanks it silly and sideways right now. Plus it's on Sprint. If I could get any phone it would be the Galaxy S, the Euro version. Same technology, faster OS, little more dev available right now. Droid X is ugly IMHO. The Galaxy S has some issues, but has WAY more potential.
  12. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

  13. Loremonger

    Loremonger Well-Known Member

  14. cbasse

    cbasse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Gotta say i've never been a fan of the slide out keyboard...
  15. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    I wish the Galaxy S Pro made it to AT&T.... Gotta LOVE a physical keyboard...

  16. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    I dont believe the droid x has the lag out of box that captivate has , you have to root and run app lag fix for captivate to run at its potential and not to mention that captivate and all galaxy s have non functioning gps .
  17. rob989_69

    rob989_69 Well-Known Member

    Meh, GPS works fine for me, I'm not a big user of it. Yes, the X is snappier out of the box, I'm not denying it's an awesome piece of hardware. But to me, it has to be visually appealing, and the X is just ugly in my opinion.

    Plus development for it is slow due to the locked down boot loader. I'm sure they'll get around it but hey, to each their own.
  18. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    I am hesitant about samsung and how quickly they will update the captivate and all galaxy s phones in general, the gps issue has been an problem for 3 months, and no fix yet. All they are doing is trying to get their phone on multiple markets. droid x is getting froyo an few months before galaxy s phones will if thats important to you i would take that into consideration
  19. Boxercoug

    Boxercoug Newbie

    I have to agree with you. Every time I see a slider I think of teenage kids texting their lives away. It comes across as looking cheap and more of hand held gaming system like GBA.
  20. acp

    acp Android Expert

    I had an Evo, it pales in comparison when it comes to GPU and screen colors; however, the screen size does impress even though it's only .3in bigger
  21. rob989_69

    rob989_69 Well-Known Member

    I agree, the seemingly long response in getting a fix out is a problem, and hopefully Froyo is out next month. However, alot of that doens't mean much to me. I'm waiting for the custom roms to hit. I'd much rather run a custom rom anyway. It's a matter of time before it happens, and Froyo will be out via that avenue long before we get any official updates. Heck, it's already our for the Galaxy S.
  22. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Meh, its easier for me to see what I'm doing when I remote desktop into our servers with a physical keyboard device...especially when I'm able to use a "mouse pointer/cursor".
  23. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    Well since I'm with att ill sick with the captivate. But if I had a choice i'd go with a droid x.
  24. Loco Leeep

    Loco Leeep Member

  25. htc hd 2 or droid x but no Verizon here in alaska.

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