If you hate pouches don't read my review


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I'm an avid photographer and have been for over 40 years so I have a box full of cases and bags which my wife is always telling me I need to sell. Well, I went through my box and found a phone case I purchased years ago but forgot all about. I tried it on my Nexus which has a Incipio Double Cover on it and it fits like a charm, so I thought I'd share some photos for those looking for a good pouch.

Here is the pouch with the phone inside.



The thing I like about this belt loop is you don't have to take your belt off to get the pouch off.



For those that know camera gear you'll know the name Lowepro (quality stuff), and this is a Lowepro S&F Phone Pouch.

It's about 3" x 5 3/4" (with phone inside) by 1 1/4". If you're using a tacky case like the Incipio it's just a bit difficult to get out, but not really bad. If you go naked or have a smooth case, like the Seidio Surface I just ordered, it should be easy to get out in a hurry.

I've had this case for a while so I'm not sure how much they cost of if they're still for sale new, but I'd guess eBay will have a few around.


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Sorry I hate pouches, but read your review anyways!

...and it's a good review :D

I actually wouldnt mind something like this. I really need to get a handle on all my cables heh.


Nice recommendation and excellent idea! :D
Can you let us/me know how well the Nexus fits without any cover or skin on it? If it's a pain to take that cover off, then no biggie.

(also glad to see I'm not the only one who has yet to remove the "Nexus" plastic from the screen yet, ;) )


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Heh I was looking at camera cases at Best buy yesterday (and specifically Lowepro even) to see if my Nexus would fit in any. I couldn't get it to fit in any that I saw, though. I think because point & shoot cameras have gotten so small, the cases have gotten smaller too, I doubt they make them the size you have anymore. :(