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If you love games on phone, avoid android.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Imarc4G, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Android Expert

    Real gamers still game on pc's.


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  2. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Meh, PC games are ok. Depends on the Game type, I mean, mmo's need a keyboard to be good, but FPS and Some RPG's play better on console. It's subjective.
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  3. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Android Enthusiast

    People saying "Well I have a PC, Xbox, PS3 for that" makes me LOL.
  4. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Android Enthusiast

    FPS better on a console!? I think you've been deceived.
  5. The ONLY game that I wish I could get on the Evo is Words With Friends, because I can actually play that with people I know and it spawns some entertaining conversations whenever we meet up again. Other than that, games on a cell phone are nothing more than time wasters for when you are sitting in seminars or dropping a deuce. The Droid market has plenty of games to get me through my high fiber days and SNESoid is about as complex as I could ever care to get on a cell phone. Is the App store for Apple better? Absolutely. The thing is, though, now it is more because of quantity, not quality, so the point is rapidly becoming moot.
  6. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    FPS is definitely better on a console.. come on... 62" Big screen HDTV, surround sound, and halo. What's not to love?
  7. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert

    I dunno. I like games but I do the majority on my pc hooked up to the hdtv or projector. For the few times I want to kill a few min on my phone I fire up one of the 15 or so games on my phone. Don't really care enough about the latest gameloft rehash to give up my evo for another platform. If games were my first priority at any cost on mobile I guess I would get a dsi or iphone but since they aren't I would rather save my cash and keep the power of Android.
  8. Imarc4G

    Imarc4G Member
    Thread Starter

    Consoles, Rule!!! & KICK STAND !!!!!!
  9. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Android Enthusiast

    Halo? I can see why you like your console FPS games. PC FPS and Console FPS are two different beasts.

    I'm a PC FPS guy and nothing beats BF2, that game is so addicting its crazy. Although I haven't played it in a while.
  10. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    With all due respect... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

    Games I've been playing on my EVO:

    Raging Thunder 1&2
    Dungeon Hunter
    Hungry Shark
    Meteor Blitz
    Snesoid (with plenty of SNES games)
    SkyForce Reloaded
    Doodle Jump

    and of course...


    That's just so far and they're all very fun games.

    Next on my list is N.O.V.A.

    It's so sad to see Apple fans sink to that level.

    Your precious company is losing market dominance. Accept it.
  11. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    except i do the same thing on my pc... with 5x better image quality
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  12. freeza

    freeza Android Enthusiast

    Okay, that's annoying.

    The games I have on my phone are adequate. I use my phone much more for stuff a phone was made to be used for, talking. :)
  13. gelatinguy

    gelatinguy Newbie

    It's silly to think anyone bought the Evo just for gaming. But to deny the vastly growing handheld gaming market in phones would be ignorance. I'm not disputing that "serious gaming," as many have called it, isn't on phones yet, but the fact that EA, Ubisoft, and many other large publishers have developed games for iphone means they've done the research and they count iphone (and soon android I'm sure) as serious gaming platforms, at least financially.

    As an iphone and android developer, I've realized the market myself. As a gamer on pc, 360, and psp, I'm disappointed in the quality of games on Android right now (although as a developer I see it as my time to make a good game and get a lot of attention).

    I have regular multiplayer buds who have gone missing for days, only to find out they were hooked into playing some tower defense game or Angry Birds on their iphone. Let's not exaggerate, people. No one said iphone is going to take over 360 or PS3. But let's not ignore what these platforms do offer and how and where people enjoy their games.

    The OP wants better games on Android, and I agree. Evo owners who say "it's just a phone," do you only use your Evo to make phone calls? Is texting still a phone service? What about web browsing, or watching youtube, or checking RSS feeds, or photos, video capture, GPS, email, tethering... are you just buying a phone? Trade your Evo in for a Jitterbug. Now that's a phone.

    Oh here's something, Don't read too much into this.
    iPhone Is Eating Sony PSP and Nintendo DS' Lunch [STATS]
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  14. and you play what shooters? crysis? battlefield? what else?

    I play what? Halo? Killzone? Battlefield? MW2? Resistance? Uncharted? Gears of war? and I'll be playing Crysis 2 as well. PC definitely has the power, but sadly has barely any BIG (like Crysis, WOW, and such) exclusive games.

    and how did this turn into a console vs PC war? LOL epic

    on topic: They should also fix the damn 30fps thing, gaming would be a lot better if the device would go over 30fps.
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  15. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast

    Depends on the setup, your 62" HDTV could be stressing your console. I'm much more into PC gaming but that's just me. I have a 54" Panny Viera 3D hooked up to an Intel i7 slightly OC'ed @4.2Ghz with a Nvidia GTX 470 in SLI rocking any game I throw at it on max settings most if not all get 120fps in game.

    Make no mistake no console on the planet comes close to the performance I get from that PC right now. Did I pay a premium for it? Sure I did, but I also like the idea that I can have a controller if I want to and still keep my keyboard when I need it and switch 3D which btw is a real 3D experience not a PS3 upgrade with phoney non-HDMI 1.4 firmware upgrade. I also don't lag as some consoles tend to do especially when hooked up to bigger tvs and experience no overheating issues, and well the HDMI 1.4 3D in any game I want is just a plus. Again it's just an opinion but FPS will look and feel much better on a rig like this than any console so if money is no object then hell no, consoles are not better than PCs at FPS games.
  16. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Member

    Thank you for adding some necessary objectivity to this thread. The android community is slowly growing into the hated iStuff community.

    "...Since you are hoping there is an emerging market for the phone and I didn't buy the phone for that purpose you are stupid and wrong? Android should not progress because I can already do that with (x,y,z)..."

    How one sided and blind to not acknowledge the growing gaming platform people have found on the iStuff. People coming to Android from iStuff are already feeling like there are holes because of the vast differences in Android polish. _IF_ they used their iPhone to supplement their gaming fix they will also feel that void on Android.

    So what? Just because _you_ (collectively) didn't buy the phone with gaming as a hope/desire/expectation doesn't mean other owners have to be like you. Enjoy your 360, PS3, DS, PSP, or iPad. That's awesome... and, while you play your nifty gadget there will still be a GAPING hole in the mobile gaming market on android that iApple is reaping the benefit from.

    People need to learn that everyone purchases stuff with different intentions. They come to forums to discuss their [goals, intention, likes, dislikes, etc] with other like-minded individuals. You biased-and-blinded android advocates should learn to hit 'back' instead of 'post'. You seriously litter and take away from what could be an excellent user community.
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  17. Dangerboy

    Dangerboy Newbie

    I'm wondering why it is that since i've gotten my evo, i've sold my psp and havent touched my DS......Weird....

    I guess having access to gamboid, nesoid, snesoid, and gensoid might have something to do with it......all the gaming i need....
  18. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    I wonder if i went to a apple forum and wrote "If you want to make calls, Avoid Iphone" if they would be nice to me.
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  19. HarryKeogh

    HarryKeogh Newbie

    Seriously. It's hard to use my PS3 when I'm on line at the grocery store or waiting for my wife while she's trying on clothes.

    I miss Angry Birds, Scrabble and Doodle Jump.

    But I'll live...barely.
  20. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    That's really interesting ... I play 4 gameloft games on my phone now and also zenonia... and all of them run great.. love my games ;)
  21. Imarc4G

    Imarc4G Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey if you got your phone, just for talking, why spend that money, get a Jitterbug, Razor, etc... They also have some games like Snake, tetris, etc.., some of even have a camera. Good deal!

    I love my EVO for everything it does, and I'm a gamer too, so when I'm not at home, if I get the craves for playing I'll get on it and play games, watch videos, podcast, take some pictures, use it as a hotspot, like I'm doing it now, I'm typing here with my iPad, they both get along so good, I wonder what would come out if they both had a baby, Hmmmmmm.........

    Enjoy your devices , sorry your Phones.

    And by the way, KICK STAND!!!!!!!

  22. OmegaSMP

    OmegaSMP Newbie

    I thought Apple fanboys were bad, but you guys take the cake.

    When someone complains about the battery life, you all jump all over the poster and yell "OMG it's so powerful and more than just a phone how could you expect great battery life," and then when someone comes on and complains about the lack of games everyone yells "But it's just a phone, how can you expect great gaming get a PS3 LOL"

    Seriously, make up your minds.
  23. fayester

    fayester Member

    Dude really???....:rolleyes: What are you on?

    I too am also a 'gamer' and proud owner of the Evo. And some of us 'gamers's have no desire to play Modern Warfare on the tiny screen and thats why we spent a lot of money creating a mini Imax theather in our house to take part in simulated battles.

    To each his own....

    Also we get it..you have an iPad.
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  24. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    a chick after my own heart LOL don't normally get to meet up with fellow girl gamers :D

    my friends make fun of me in my living room... my entire setup is based on gaming alone :D
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  25. Essex

    Essex Android Enthusiast

    I actually agree with OP. If your sole purpose for purchasing the EVO (or any other Android device for that matter) is to play games, then you will be "disappointed." Obviously, the EVO is a great device that is capable of fulfilling multiple functions, But one of those functions is gaming. No need to debate the merits and limitations of mobile gaming, as only a fool would argue that playing an app on your phone is better than playing games on a dedicated console or PC.

    Sure the EVO isn't a dedicated videogame console, but that doesn't mean that it can't be used for gaming in a pinch. Just because YOU (I use this term genetically) don't use your EVO for gaming doesn't mean that other EVO users shouldn't have higher expectations for games in the Android Market. I hope that as 2010 moves into 2011, more developers will begin to realize that the Android Market is ripe for the picking. I game on my EVO (usually during my commute to and from work) and actually *gasp* pay for games! I am also a grown man. With a real job in a legitimate profession. I am living proof that mobile gaming isn't just for kids, teens and solitaire/sudoku afficionados. Simply pointing out a legit shortcoming of Android shouldn't always subject someone to "troll" status or even worse, open ridicule.

    I would love to see more high-quality 3D games the Market. But I think the biggest obstacle preventing developers from making Android games is that the market hasn't fully matured yet. By "matured" I mean willing to support developers by actually purchasing their games. If I were a developer, what is my incentive to make quality games with the expectation that people will pay for them if most users want every app to be free? The more people start paying for full versions of games rather than "lite" and add-supported games, the more likely that major developers such as EA and Capcom will dedicated more resources to Android gaming...

    That said, I love my EVO and there is no way I'd buy an Apple anything just to get the games in the iTunes store. Even with the relative dearth of games, EVO and Android rock!

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