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If your Windows is not not drive C trying to revert from 2.1(6) to 2.1(5)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prr2freya, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Serious noob here but wanted to leave this info in case someone else is having the same problem. It probably seems simple to most people, but I'm no pro so maybe it will help other noobs. I just got my new phone and it is now rooted and backed up and waiting for me to flash a new rom! This is my first droid and first smart phone of any kind. All my previous phones have been just for calling people and limited text, no internet.

    At first I ran in to a LOT of problems getting from 2.1 (6) back to 2.1 (5). I was beating my head against the wall untill I finally figured out the problem was my windows drive is not Drive C. I already knew that and never have problems. But HTC drivers would not let me install the (5) RUU. So for those who have a different drive as their main drive you need to create a fake temp drive so the drivers acknowledge it. I did some googling.

    Do this:

    "The subst command basically maps one location to a new virtual drive letter. For example you could map "c:\my documents" to your g: drive and if you go into g: you'll really be in my documents...

    You'll need nothing allocated to your c: drive, so in the properties for
    your drive that's currently taking up the c: space move it to another letter
    (like d.

    Then drop into a command prompt (start, run, cmd) and type "subst c: g:\"
    (assuming g: is your windows drive). This will make a new drive (until you
    remover the drive with "subst c: /d" or reboot) called c: which will really
    be your g: drive. Your g: drive will still be there of course."

    Worked like a charm! I then got it rooted and backed up per instructions. yay!



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