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Ignorant and Apologizing

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by difinka2, Dec 29, 2012.

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    To All Members I have offended by not giving proper feed-back!
    I finally figured out why it always says I am a new member and it is because I have not been supplying the appropriate response to members who have responded to my posts, threads and input! It doesn't matter to me if I am forever a new member. What I am concerned about is my lack of follow-up and self-imposed ignorance of the guidelines here! I am so sorry I have[SIZE=3]n't [SIZE=3]taken to task[SIZE=3] the fact that I have only skimmed over the gu[SIZE=3]idelines here and I promise to do better! My fault entirel[SIZE=3]y that I had no [SIZE=3]idea that I was suppose to respond to the responders of my posts and threads! I am still learning[SIZE=3]! When I look back to how long ago I joined this forum[SIZE=3], I shudd[SIZE=3]er to realize that I hav[SIZE=3]e been on this foru[SIZE=3]m for[SIZE=3] about a[SIZE=3] y[SIZE=3]ear and a half without educating my[SIZE=3]self to the practices I agr[SIZE=3]e[SIZE=3]ed to follow to become a member here!
    [SIZE=3]No mo[SIZE=3]re excuses everyone and I am so sorry!

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    Diana, it's okay! Real life gets in the way (as it very well should) and that's important. We're generally not here to get credit or anything... just to pass on what we've learned so others can benefit from it and get better at Android.

    Thanks for committing to checking out the Guidelines and Site Rules. It's something we should all do from time to time, but don't let that stop you from chiming in if you have something important to say. Feel free to ask questions, learn, make some Android friends along the way and help others: it's why we're here! :D
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    I responded in your other thread already :)

    Let me clarify, the 'new member' status has nothing to do with anything other than post count. When you get to 10 posts I think you get 'junior member' at 25 (i think) you are a 'member' and at 500 you are a 'senior member'

    Nothing that holds much stock around here. Be respectful and you are a senior member in my eyes :)
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